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Queer Eye Season 7: Cast Summary, Release Date and More


David Mudd

The sixth season of Queer Eye was the ideal way to bring in the new year 2022 since it was packed with nothing but wholesome moments, wonderful lessons about life, and our Fab Five doing the do-si-do in good ol’ Texas.

Because this is such a feel-good program, it should come as no surprise that fans desire more new seasons in the future. However, what are the chances that this will actually happen, and what will the new season consist of?

In order to bring you up to speed on all that is going on behind the scenes of this Netflix original series, we share with you everything that we currently know about Queer Eye season 7.

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How many seasons of Queer Eye have been shown so far?

As of this this moment, there are seven full seasons of Queer Eye available to watch on Netflix.

Six of those seasons belong to the original series that we fell in love with back in 2018, and the remaining one season goes to the just-as-special spin-off of the series dubbed Queer Eye: We’re In Japan!Queer Eye Season 7

Following the initial four seasons of the show, which each contain a total of eight episodes, the subsequent seasons 5 and 6 each have a total of ten episodes. We have arrived in Japan! has four episodes, although regardless of the season, the run time of each episode is significantly less than an hour.

Will there be a seventh season of Queer Eye?

Netflix has not yet made any announcements regarding a seventh season as of this time. In spite of this, given how well Queer Eye season 6 has been received, we fully anticipate that there will be at least one more season of the show in the not too distant future.

You may expect an update from us as soon as we (fingers crossed) hear that season 7 has been renewed. In the meantime, continue reading to find out what you should anticipate from this season as well as the possible release date for it.

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Cast of Queer Eye’s seventh season

You can guarantee that your favorite Fab Five — Bobby Berk, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Jonathan Van Ness, and Antoni Porowski — will return once more to not only deliver hilarious one-liners but, of course, offer people all over the world spectacular makeovers if we are blessed with a new season.

A summary of Queer Eye for Season 7

Not only does each new season introduce us to new nominees, but it also introduces us to new settings that we might fall in love with. In light of this, we anticipate that Porowski and the rest of the cast will travel to a different state during the seventh season. However, which state that will be and who we will meet there is not something that has been decided upon just yet.

Date of release for the seventh season of Queer Eye

Due to the fact that there has been no announcement regarding season 7, we do not currently have an official release date for season 7, and it is pretty impossible to forecast one due to the fact that each season has been released in dramatically different seasons.

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Despite this, we anticipate that the seventh season of Queer Eye will likely premiere in the fall or winter of 2022. Keep your eyes peeled for it! (I’ll keep my fingers crossed!)

Naturally, you should take all of our speculations with a grain of salt because nothing has been confirmed as of yet; but, given that we are big fans of Queer Eye just like you are, we sincerely hope that everything turns out to be accurate. Until then, make it a point to watch each and every season of Queer Eye, which is exclusively available to view right now on Netflix.