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Queer Eye Season 6: Netflix Renews The Show, Filming To Begin At Austin Texas


David Mudd

Queer Eye is something that we saw many years ago. This show went off the air more than a decade ago, and then in the year, 2018 Netflix reboots the show. It is a show that got its motivation from real-life stories. The person who created the original show is on board as the executive producer with Netflix. The first season of the show got on air on 7th Feb 2018.

Renewed For Season 6

The show has successfully completed 5 seasons till now, and Netflix has renewed it for Season 6. The fans are delighted with the news of renewal. This time is scary, and many popular shows have ended, coronavirus is becoming the reason why producers are postponing the release of their movies.

Queer Eye

Shooting Of The Show Will Begin At Austin, Texas

The makers have started shooting the show in Austin, Texas. The best part of the show is the locations in which it is shot. They have amazingly talented cameramen and DOPs. This show is a cinematic treat, and they capture the most beautiful landscapes. This time too, the show will attract the viewers with shots of Austin Texas in the trailer.

Having a great location directly translates into attractive promos and posters. The stills of the show will soon start doing rounds on different entertainment pages. The stars will begin posting images of Austing from the sets.

Queer Eye Season 5

When Can The Fans Expect Season 6 Of Queer Eye

As of now, the main concern is on the release date of season 5. The makers have told us to expect season 5 that comes with a tagline, “We are in Japan” in the second half of 2020. Coronavirus is certainly not the reason why they are delaying the release, or maybe it is? We don’t know exactly. It is too soon to say when the sixth season will come out, right now, let’s hope we get to see season 5 soon.

The fans are excited for season 5. This time the team is moving to Japan, and we can’t be more excited. The trailer was terrific, and now we are waiting for the official release date of the show.