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Queer Eye Season 5: Release Date, Episode Guide, and Where to Watch…


David Mudd

Released! Released!!!!!

Yes, your favorite reality television show Queer Eye Season 5 has premiered. David Collins the creator of the show has launched season 5. And even it is released as of now.

Before we share the exact details with you along with the episode guide, share with us why you like this series. As, while writing the article- scrutinize the reviews of the audience and most of the audience finds its storyline intriguing.

Moreover, even the critics presented some of the positive views for the series. Why you admire this show, let us know in the note section.

As of now, if you haven’t streamed season 5 then thoroughly go through the article, you will definitely find it useful. It will present you with all the important information about Queer Eye Season 5.

Moving further to the details:

Queer Eye Season 5:

Queer Eye is an American reality TV series released on Netflix on 7th February 2018. It is a re-launched series of Bravo featuring a new Fab Five. The series has 5 seasons with a total number of 47 episodes.

Queer Eye’s first premiere was a record-breaking time for American Televison and Culture. Before launching the first episode of Queer Eye, the queer was nearly null on television.

The prize-winning series is well known for its solid presentation for the LGBT community or communities that include people of a different color.

The Bravo series which shows five men transforming their lives as a straight person became a super-duper hit and had a long legacy on the presentation and acceptance of the LGBTQ community in the general public.

After 10 years, the series was re-launched featuring a new Fab Five who dig deeper into transforming lives and groups while fighting toxic masculinity to disability rights and black lives.

The reality TV series was nominated for many awards and won different awards under Prime Time Emmy Awards, GLAAD Media Awards, and Casting Society of America.

Queer Eye Season 5: Release Date

The award-winning show released its fifth installment last year. It was launched on Netflix and here are it’s all details:

The 5th Season of Queer Eye was premiered on 5th June 2020 with a total number of 10 episodes ranging between 48 minutes to 51 minutes.

Surely, you are looking for the episode’s name so that you can get a glimpse of it. Don’t worry, the next section is about it.

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Queer Eye Season 5: Episode Guide-

As stated above, there are a total number of 10 episodes in Queer Eye Season 5. Here, is a list of all the programs of the show:

Queer Season

  1. Preaching Out Loud
  2. Groomer Has It
  3. Father of The Bride
  4. The North Philadelphia Story
  5. The Anxious Activist
  6. DJ’s on Repeat
  7. Silver Lining Sweeney
  8. Father Knows Fish
  9. Paging Dr. Yi
  10. Body Rock or Bust

You can binge one by one all these episodes and enjoy your season 5.

Who acted in Queer Eye Season 5?

Well, if you are not aware of the star cast of the show then you have only half the knowledge about the show. Agree with us or not? Certainly, you are.

Don’t get bothered.. Here are the starring cast details. All the below-mentioned experts are unitedly known as Fab Five.

  • Antoni Porowski (food and wine expert)
  • Tan France (fashion extraordinaire)
  • Karamo Brown (wildlife and culture expert)
  • Bobby Berk (design extraordinaire)
  • Jonathan Van Ness (grooming expert)

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Queer Eye Season 5: Storyline

The Fab Five visit a customer referred by a family member or a friend, who is craving the need of transformation. Afterward, all the Fab Five get to work in their own area of expertise to transform the customer and his or her home by giving advice in every aspect starting from cooking to fashion, ordinarily in the composition of a huge event.

While working with the client, the Fabs try to get to the root of why the clients are so much eager to change. The series digs deeper and deeper into the past and personal stories of the Fab Five. The Fab Five constantly uses their self-experiences to connect with the people.

Queer Eye Season 5: Ratings and Reviews

The series got a positive response from the audience with a 78 % audience score by Rotten Tomatoes. Queer Eye Season 5 was rated 100 % by Tomatoesmeter of Rotten Tomatoes and 8.5 out of 10 by IMDb.

Where to stream Queer Eye Season 5?

There is no chance that you will miss this amazing installment of the show. So, the question emerges- Where to binge it? Well, here is your answer:

The original series of Queer Eye also known as Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is accessible on Amazon Prime, iTunes, and NOW TV. The re-launched series is available on Netflix.

Concluding Words:

After reading all the above information, we are sure that you have got the idea Queer Season 5. Furthermore, you won’t be having any confusion related to it as we have covered everything that’s important for you.

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