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Queen of the South Season 5 : What Is Currently Known

There was never any claim that being a queen was simple, and Teresa Mendoza (Alice Braga) learns this hard lesson early on in the USA Network original crime thriller Queen of the South. Teresa is shaken towards the conclusion of the fourth season of the drama, which premieres on Netflix in June 2020 and follows her as she relocates to New Orleans, outwits corrupt local officials, and outmaneuvers competing gangs.

Teresa, on the other hand, is about to take a deep breath when an old ally appears to remind her that she is not out of the woods just yet. Because the program has been renewed for a fifth season, viewers of the show will finally be able to see a conclusion to the cliffhanger they experienced last season.

Queen of the South Season 5

The production of a play like Queen of the South is complicated by a large number of moving pieces. At any one moment, Teresa is dealing with many dangers to her drug business and her life. Characters come and go, and the majority of new seasons offer a significant shift in the environment. Based on what we’ve learned about season 5 thus far, it doesn’t appear like any of this will alter in the future.

What’s the Release Date for Queen of the South Season 5?

Season 5 of Queen of the South was announced by the United States of America in August 2019, soon after the conclusion of the fourth season. Traditionally, the show’s seasons have begun in June and ended in late August or early September, depending on the year. While the renewal announcement indicated that season 5 will continue on the same path, things haven’t quite gone according to plan.

According to Newsweek, season 5 of The Walking Dead will begin production in early March 2020, with the show expected to premiere in June. However, as was the case with the majority of other film and television projects this spring, production for the upcoming season of Queen of the South was halted indefinitely just a few weeks after it had begun shooting.

However, thanks to the efforts of the cast and crew, the film will be able to resume shooting in November 2020, with a release scheduled for the first half of 2021. In a report by Express UK, actress Alice Braga was hurt during one of the fall filming sessions. After the incident, Braga posted a photo of the subsequent wrap on her hand, along with a funny caption about an action-packed season 5. It doesn’t appear like the injury was very serious. Hopefully, Braga is doing well and the series will not suffer any further setbacks.

Queen of the South Season 5

Previously, Newsweek reported on fan speculation that season 5 of the program will launch in March 2021; however, given that filming only began in November, this appears to be an unusually short turnaround. At this point, there is no way to predict when Queen of the South season 5 will premiere, but based on what we know so far, we anticipate that it will air somewhere in early 2021.

Who Is Returning to the Cast of Queen of the South Season 5?

Season 5 of Queen of the South has yet to get an official casting announcement from the network, according to Deadline. However, given the way things ended in season 4, we do know a few people that will and will not be returning in the next season. To get the major name out of the way, it goes without saying that Alice Braga will be returning to reprise her role as Teresa Mendoza, the Queen of the Night.

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Hemky Madera, who has played Teresa’s longstanding ally Pote Galvez, and Molly Burnett, who has played Teresa’s companion and confidant Kelly Anne Van Awken, are two additional cast members who appear to be in line to return. Season 5 will see the addition of Burnett as a series regular, so expect to see a lot more of Kelly Ann, the violent husband-killing informant, in the coming seasons. Additionally, we wouldn’t be shocked if Vera Cherny reprises her role as Russian drug dealer Oksana Volkova, who was first introduced in season 4 and had a crucial role in orchestrating a transaction between Teresa and the Russian mafia.

An additional confirmed season 5 returner will be actor Peter Gadiot, who will reprise his role as James Valdez, a Teresa ally who was primarily gone until the last moments of season 4. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Ben Lobato stated that Gadiot was absent for most of season 4 owing to schedule problems, but that we can expect him to return to prominence when the show returns. “We made the decision to bring him back in and set him up for season 5 and then let’s get going,” Lobato explained.

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It is known that a handful of regular cast members will not appear in season 5 of the show. Julian Silva (who portrayed Tony Parra) and Alfonso Herrera (who played Javier Jimenez) are unlikely to return to the show because both of their characters perished during the fourth season.

Is There a Trailer for Queen of the South Season 5?

Fortunately for Queen of the South fans, there is some Queen of the South sweetness to relish in the interim until the series returns for its second season. Despite the fact that Queen of the South season 5 only managed to wrap up a few weeks of filming before going on break, USA Network published a brief teaser that provides fans a glimpse as to where the show would be heading next.

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“These Russians, they are the cruelest sons of b****es that walk the face of the Earth,” Teresa says in the 15-second trailer, which doesn’t reveal much new information but does set the stage for her forthcoming confrontation with the evil empire. What role will this play in the overall storyline? Let’s take it apart piece by piece.

What We Know About Queen of the South Season 5’s Plot So Far

Teresa made a pact with the Russian mob at the conclusion of season 4, and it appears that they will become a significant foe in season 5. And it’s possible that this isn’t the only thorn in Theresa’s side. “They’re coming for you,” James says as he returns at the very end of the season 4 finale, bruised and with a message. Whether “they” are the Russians, the Drug Enforcement Administration, or an as-yet-unidentified adversary, it is evident that Teresa will not be able to find rest.

According to Ben Lobato’s interview with Entertainment Weekly, James’ location will also play a role in the storyline of the upcoming season of The Walking Dead. According to the showrunner, “I think it’s a fantastic opportunity moving into his return to find, examine, and understand where he was and why he was doing what he was doing.” “I believe it’s going to be intriguing to find out why he was absent next season,” says the writer.

Queen of the South Season 5

We may have a long wait ahead of us for Queen of the South season 5, but based on all of the nuggets of information we’ve received so far, it appears as Teresa will once again prepare for combat in order to secure her dominion.


Boaz Jimenez (Joseph Thomas Campos) and Pote Galvez (Hemsky Madera) battled to the death in the season finale. Pote was chasing Boaz because he felt he was implicated in Teresa’s death, but in reality, it was her boyfriend James Valdez (Peter Gadiot) who shot her.

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