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From low-level individuals from drug cartels to the Queen herself, find the principal players. Queen of the South is an astounding series to have on your watchlist. Obviously, following the change of a person into a druglord isn’t precisely another story – Breaking Terrible is still new in our psyches. In any case, how frequently have you seen this kind of story told through a lady’s point of view?

For each and every individual who is keen on wrongdoing series, Queen of the South is a must-watch. It recounts the real story of Teresa Mendoza (Alice Braga), a lady naturally introduced to the ghettos of Mexico who escapes the country after her boyfriend is killed by individuals from Mexico’s most risky medication cartel.

Subsequent to crossing the boundary, she begins working for an enormous street pharmacist in Dallas and gradually realizes she has a talent for maintaining this sort of business. The series ran for five seasons on USA Network and finished in mid-2021.

Teresa Mendoza (Alice Braga)

The Queen of the South herself. However, not exactly yet. Since the series depends on a real story, the previous seasons narrative the wild way Teresa needed to explore to become perhaps of the most perilous lady on the planet.

Be that as it may, just relax, this isn’t a spoiler – in the absolute first episode Teresa tells us precisely the thing will happen to her across the series, and the excursion is positively more significant than how it closes.

queen of the south cast

Doña Camila Vargas (Veronica Falcón)

The queen before the Queen. Subsequent to isolating from her strong druglord husband, Camilla goes to Dallas, Texas to begin maintaining a neighborhood drug-dealing business.

She becomes both a wake up call and a tutor of sorts to Teresa, who discovers that ladies should have an additional two layers of toughness to endure this business – and can’t at any point show feeling assuming they come to the supervisor rank.

Brenda Parra (Justina Machado)

Teresa’s dearest companion was the spouse of a high-positioning medication dealer that gets severely killed in the wake of attempting to betray the Vargas cartel. Subsequent to watching her husband wind up dead, Brenda escapes Mexico with her child and attempts to begin another life in Dallas, yet she finds it won’t be not difficult to do.

Justina Machado is a long-term companion of television fans, as she made some meaningful difference in a few well known shows that are as yet recollected, for example, Dead and emergency room. As of late, she was highlighted in Jane the Virgin and was the lead in Netflix’s series Each Day In turn.

Wear Epifanio Vargas (Joaquim de Almeida)

A Mexican druglord and top of the Vargas cartel, Epifanio realizes he will have full control of Sinaloa, Mexico on the off chance that he is chosen legislative leader of the state. In this way, he starts a campaign for a definitive power that puts the existences of whoever stands in his manner in outrageous peril.

queen of the south cast

He turns out to be considerably more perilous when his significant other Camilla chooses to leave him and encourage a source that has pivotal data about the Vargas cartel.

Joaquim de Almeida is a Portuguese actor who was highlighted in some Hollywood religion and exemplary motion pictures, for example, Behind Foe Lines, Outlaw, and Obvious Risk.

In Quick Five, he played a Brazilian druglord, and he likewise reserved a few other Portuguese-talking jobs, most as of late in the Brazilian series Aruanas. He was additionally in Netflix’s Fighter Sister.

James Valdez (Peter Gadiot)

Right-hand man of Camilla, James has figured out how to keep in mind his chief, and wound up acquiring her full trust. At the point when Teresa comes to Camilla’s compound, he realizes she’s in far over her head and begins to offer useful guidance that keeps her alive and – above all – on the great side of Camill Vargas.

Peter Gadiot began his acting career scarcely a long time back and is making a quick ascent to conspicuousness. The primary job that got him seen universally was in brief ABC’s side project series Some time ago in Wonderland.

From that point forward, he was in the covert operative series Bullfighter and momentarily visitor featured on Supergirl. After Queen of the South, he promptly reserved a job on Kickoff’s Yellowjackets.

Cesar “Batman” Guemes (Gerardo Taracena)

Right-hand man of Epifanio, “Batman” does whatever his supervisor advises him to do. For Camilla, he’s a notable individual to monitor, to know her husband’s moves, however Cesar’s dependability seldom flounders. He understands that the explanation he’s kept alive is his propensity to not clarify some pressing issues, but rather being too steadfast additionally has its cost.

queen of the south cast

Early is his career, Geraldo Taracena booked minor jobs in top dog motion pictures like Tony Scott’s Man Ablaze and Carnage Verbinski’s The Mexican. He was likewise in Mel Gibson’s aggressive venture, Apocalypto, expressed exclusively in Yucatec Mayan. He was as of late in History Channel’s Texas Rising and on Narcos: Mexico.

Pote Galvez (Hemky Madera)

Another individual from the Vargas cartel, Pote is a lieutenant that doesn’t consider things to be highly contrasting like his companion “Batman.” The issue is that Epifanio Vargas, head of the cartel, isn’t a man who manages lackeys who question authority, which could make Pote’s dependability land somewhere else.

Hemky Madera began his career with minor jobs in television series like Regulation and Request: Criminal Plan, The Safeguard, Brothers and Sisters and I go by Lord. His most memorable repeating job was in Kickoff’s Weeds.

From that point forward, he played repeating parts in Debris versus Malicious Dead, Perry Artisan, and IFC’s Brockmrire. He was additionally in Bug Man: Homecoming and Fantasy world.

Raymundo “Guero” Davila (Jon-Michael Ecker)

Teresa’s most memorable boyfriend is a street pharmacist who helped her to continuously have plans B, C, D ready to go… and as numerous answers for each circumstance in the dealing scene that could wreck you — and then perhaps have an arrangement in the event that you truly do set killed up to safeguard your friends and family.

The issue is, getting excessively brilliant with drug head honchos isn’t generally the smartest thought, and may put an objective on your back.

Jon-Michael Ecker began his acting careers in telenovelas and spent a long stretch in two of them: Popland! and Telemundo’s Corazón Valiente.

queen of the south cast

From that point onward, he featured in Tattle Young lady Acapulco, the Spanish-language variant of the CW hit series. Before Queen of the South, he featured in Netflix’s Narcos. Subsequent to playing Guero, he proceeded to star on Firefly Path and Chicago Fire.


The narrative of the Queen of the South series rotates around Teresa Mendoza, a powerful lady heading a medication industry, the ones who have managed the business previously, are disappointed with Teresa’s assuming control over the medication business. Up until this point, there have been five times of this series, and it was first released in 2016.

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