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Queen Elizabeth Health: Is She Working Back?


David Mudd

There has been a Covid scare for more than a week, but Queen Elizabeth II is now back at work, Buckingham Palace declared on Tuesday, following more than a week of heightened anxiety about the health of Britain’s longest-reigning monarch.

Queen Elizabeth II has been declared fit enough to resume her duties, including virtual meetings with foreign dignitaries.

On February 20, Queen Elizabeth, 95, was diagnosed with the coronavirus, which the palace described as moderate.

The queen’s palace at Windsor Castle, west of London, was found to have an outbreak of the disease, however it was not obvious where or from whom the queen had gotten it. Her oldest son and heir, Prince Charles, was also recently re-infected with the coronavirus, and he was reported to be solitary after the queen’s visit.

More than a week after the Covid panic began, Buckingham Palace announced on Tuesday that Queen Elizabeth II is officially back at work. The announcement came after a spike in concern over the health of Britain’s longest-reigning monarch.

Foreign dignitaries will be able to meet with Queen Elizabeth II via videoconference as soon as she is declared fit to do so.

The coronavirus, which the palace described as moderate in severity, was diagnosed in 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth on February 20.

In the queen’s palace at Windsor Castle, west of London, an epidemic of the disease was discovered, but it was not clear how the queen had contracted it. Following the queen’s visit, Prince Charles, her eldest son and heir apparent, was found to be isolated after contracting the coronavirus.

Boris Johnson eased Covid regulations last week, including the stipulation that anyone who obtained a positive test must isolate for five days. Her positive test came at the same time. In April, the government will discontinue giving free testing to the public and phase out the use of so-called Covid passports for access into specific indoor venues.

In the last week, the number of new cases in Britain has averaged 33,161 each day. Two weeks ago, the average number of cases was 52 percent lower, and the number of deaths was 40 percent lower over that time period.

Some legal restrictions were loosened in Wales and Scotland on Monday, although not to the same extent as in England, whose officials determine their own public health policy.

While walking out together for the first time since it was made apparent that Camilla will be known as Queen Consort when he becomes king, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla thrilled the onlookers today. And while at Windsor Castle recuperating from COVID, the future king and queen used the chance to provide an update to the well-wishers on the current Queen Elizabeth’s health.

They greeted everyone who approached them and assured them that the 95-year-old Queen was doing well. They shook hands and even caressed a few furry friends as they made their way down a line of people waiting by the pier in Southend-on-Sea. ‘I asked Prince Charles how the Queen was doing,’ Raymond Gibson, 75, of Southend-on-Sea, said. Afterwards, Raymond inquired about the Prince’s mother’s well-being. “He stated she’d had very mild COVID so she’s well,” Raymond said after meeting with the Prince. “I’ve never seen the royal family this close up before, and it was well worth the wait,” he said of his encounter with the royal family.

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Karin Caten, 40, and Destani David, 21, both from Southend, had been waiting outside since 8:30 a.m. to witness the royal couple’s arrival four hours later, and they were not disappointed. In response to Destani’s observation that Charles and Camilla “shook everyone’s hands,” Karin expressed her admiration for the royal family.

In response to hearing Raymond’s chat with the Prince, Karin expressed her delight, saying, “I’m delighted to hear [the Queen] is doing well.” When asked about Camilla, she stated, “I adored Diana and understand why everyone feels the way they do, but Camilla is one of my favourite women.” “She’s done enough to earn her right to be here.”

When Sally Appleby, 66, of Leigh-on-Sea, was asked about her meeting with the royals, she said it was “amazing.” She also claimed she believed Charles “looked better than I’d ever dreamed.” “I greeted them with a ‘welcome to Southend,'” she explained. We also held up my friend’s two King Charles Spaniels, who were also present… ‘Oh, these are for me?’ he inquired. We responded affirmatively since they are King Charles spaniels. “And he stroked them,” he said. “They were always destined to be together,” she continued, referring to the royal pair. Even Camilla, who is the owner of two rescue dogs, made a beeline for a dog that was being held up by a member of the public, petting it before proceeding to greet the assembled dignitaries and media.

It was the Queen’s “sincere wish” that Camilla be previously referred to as Queen Consort when Charles is king, rather than the lesser title Princess Consort, in a message celebrating her 70 years on the throne on February 6, which was released to mark the occasion. Since then, there has been little evidence of a strong pushback against the reform.

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He was also performing tasks today, despite the fact that he had cancelled virtual commitments last week owing to minor COVID symptoms. She was observed holding audiences from Windsor Castle with the ambassadors of Andorra and the Republic of Chad, who were both present via video link.

At a city council meeting, Charles and Camilla were in Southend to commemorate the town’s official status as a city, with Charles formally submitting the “Letters Patent” to that effect on behalf of the Queen. According to the British Prime Minister, Southend will be designated as a city in October 2021 as an homage to late MP Sir David Amess, who was assassinated the previous month in the same city.

Sir David’s memory was commemorated by the Prince in an address at the council meeting, in which he stated, “What we witnessed in the horrible tragedy in Southend was an attack on democracy, on an open society, and on freedom itself.” As we see now in Ukraine, we see those very same principles being attacked in the most appalling manner. As a result of the position we have taken, we stand in solidarity with all people who are resisting violent attack.”

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