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Quebec: Canada Send Army To Quebec Care Homes On Frontlines Of Coronavirus Outbreak


David Mudd

Every country is suffering terribly from the coronavirus. The impact in a few places is not under control. And this is making it difficult for the authorities to think about it. They have to get it managed in time and quickly but there is no sure way to get that done. That being said, the major places like Quebec around the globe are still wrapping their heads around the current whereabouts.

The spread of the virus is beyond bounds and this is making the authorities nervous. There has to be a proper way to manage the medical facilities along with the spread of the pandemic. Of what is clear so far, the USA, Europe, and Canada are not steering clear of this pandemic anytime soon.

Quebec is essentially the epicenter of the pandemic in the country. And this has brought panic to another level in the country. As a way to counter the chaos, Canada is ordering army personnel to Quebec care homes. Read more about this.


What Is Happening?

Quebec is the epicenter of the novel coronavirus in Canada. More than half the deaths in the whole country have happened there. It also has the single most maximum number of positive coronavirus patients in Canada.

So making sure that it is under good control is very necessary. To do that, the Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is ordering about 250 army personnel in the Quenev Care Homes.

They will help the place to get the pandemic under control. Due to the recent reconfiguration in the management of the place, it is said to face problems right now. But this has also caused a lot of chaos. So this step is supposed to help the problem in the place right now.


The Condition In Quebec

Quebec is the epicenter of the coronavirus in Canada. It has caused the maximum amount of deaths in Canada. Also, the number of people tested positive for the novel coronavirus is also more than any other place in Canada.


This is a situation of huge chaos and trouble. The administration is suffering hugely due to this problem. Many previous administrators have commented on the non-viability of the governmental structure. One of them even said that the place was more prepared for this in 2014-15.

More About The Coronavirus

Canada has seen a lot of deaths due to the virus. Many people are coming to be positive each day. It is a situation of chaos and panic. People are urged to stay in their homes to avoid any further spread of the disease. They must take care of themselves.