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Quarantine: These Personalized TV Recommending Apps Will Help You Find What To Binge


David Mudd

People are in search of the best movies and series to watch during the quarantine period. Many of the celebrities asked for some suggestions to fans through social media to pass their time. Millions are inside their houses because of lockdown or self-isolation. Passing time while staying inside houses is hard for most of them.

The Quarantine boredom may not affect the people who work from their homes. But when it comes to isolation because of a pandemic virus. It is different for everyone. So they need something to get over anxiety and stress. It is always hard to find something worthy to watch on Netflix and other streaming platforms.


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Ranker Will Show You The Right Thing To Watch And Kill Your Quarantine Time 

Ranker is a website that provides rankings across different categories. It is a fan vote based site. They started a new app called “Watchworthy” to provide a service for people to find the right thing to watch. It offers personalized TV recommendations. Users can even create their watch lists. Besides. it gives a selective list from more than 200 streaming services.

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Some of the platforms included are Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO, Amazon Prime, etc. It is initially available in the Apple Store for iPhones and iPad. It was launched on Sunday in the Apple Store. Besides, it can be accessed from watchworthy.com for other mobile devices. The developed are planning to release apps for other platforms too. Those platforms include Android, Apple TV, etc.


All the recommendations based on votes in Watchworthy. Besides, it powered by Ranker’s proprietary machine learning algorithms. Clark Benson, CEO of Ranker said that Watchworthy is the most relevant and crowd-sourced TV recommendation app.

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