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Quarantine: These 10 Apps Are Now A Must Have In Times Of Social Distancing


David Mudd

Quarantine is difficult. It can also be very boring for some of us. Besides, it is now the different versions of lockdown completed all over the world. So, you should make the best out of this time. You should try to engage yourself in some activities. This will also keep your mind off the negativity around.

Also, it would help kill time. You don’t always have to keep going out to have fun. With the technology that we have, you can easily survive a lockdown. You just need to make the right use of it.

So, here are some apps to your pressure. They’ll help kill your time and make the most out of it.

1. Zoom


This app can get your business needs straight. You can easily community about work from this app. It is built to ease your conference meetings. You can have an easy video call. However, it has a 40 minute limit to its calls. So, you can refrain from using it for personal use. You’d rather use it for your work-related purposes.

2. Netflix Party


Get everyone together and watch the latest season of your favorite web series. Netflix has amazing content for all its viewers. So, you can watch some during this time. Now you can link up your account with your friends.

This will allow you to have a movie night from this far. And this is the next best thing you can get right now.

3. Discord


This app is amazing to text, or call. Now it also comes with a Rhythm Bot where you can play songs and hear them together. You can also communicate through text, call, or video chat. This app is very convenient to use.

Also, it has recently upgraded itself to meet the rising desires. However, this app is aimed at majorly at gamers. But you don’t need to be one to use it.

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4. Kindle


You can make good use of this time and read that book you’ve been meaning to. Youll never again get this time to get it done. So, make the best out of it. Go on and read all the books that you can find. This will also inculcate a healthy habit. Stay engaged in your world.

5. House Party

House Party

This is also another video calling app. But this app also allows you to play games alongside. So, you can play easy games while talking to your friends. This is a great app and people have liked it. It is the next best thing to being together. Until then, you can find your solace here.

6. Bandsintown


Now that you cant visit a concert, this app comes to a rescue. You can easily watch live streams from a variety of artists around. You can get those performances that are happening on any platform. Who said you can’t be there? As long as you make the right use of technology, you can.

7. Google Duo

Google Duo

This video calling app is great for close ones. You can talk endlessly on this app. The quality of the video is also amazing. So, it is a great way to constantly stay in touch about how it’s going. You can keep track of your friends without leaving your house.

8. FitBit Coach

FitBit Coach

Now that you’re stuck in, who wants to go to the gym anyway? But working out is very necessary. It can be very beneficial for your body. Using the video tutorials on this app, you can do it. This will help you maintain a fit body. Those videos can be very insightful about the various exercises.

9. Seamless


Since we’re relying too much on deliveries, this app is great. It is an awesome food delivery app. It shows great options around you. You can easily set up and order and get it by the ease of your house. So, this app is a must-have.

10. Scrabble


We cant play board games. But you can scrabble together. Using this app, you can play alone or with others. So, you can easily kill time. Also, this is a nice way to hang out with friends virtually. As long as we have things like these, quarantine doesn’t seem too bad.