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Quarantine: Social Distancing Brought Out The Couples Who Are Quarantining Together


David Mudd

Are you following what your governments and WHO said? Are you people in quarantine too? This is the time when, finally, people who wanted to stay inside the home and do nothing will feel the happiest. Yes, this might scare people who like going out very much. This is not the ideal situation for them. The people who will be the happiest in this situation are couples. 

Couples who are stuck together are the ones who are enjoying this time more than anyone else. They must know that even at this time, they need to stay at a distance. This is for the safety of both individuals.


What Can Couples Do In Quarantine To Stay Safe And Still Enjoy Their Together Time:

So, there are so many things that couples can do while they are together in this lockdown period. They need to maintain a distance of one meter while they do anything. Even while sleeping. It is advised not to come to close to love, and it’s better to feel your love from a distance, you love might kill your partner otherwise. 

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Love Is About Caring For Each Other And Not Going In Isolation Is Carelessness At This Point:

Love is something that gives strength, and it can make people do the hardest of the things. This is the hardest time, and it is vital to stay inside and stay safe at this time. This is something that we need to follow now. The countries that decided to lockdown at later stages are facing the worst situations now. This is what we can do:

  • Keep our hands to ourselves.
  • Not show affection physically.
  • Do not eat in the same utensils.
  • Not drink with same water bottles.
  • Not to sleep in the same beds.
  • Change sheets daily.
  • Wash clothes properly if we are going outside or meet someone who came from outside.

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Stay Away To Stay United:

Divided we fall, United we stand. Now, Divided is coming together, and United is staying inside the home and maintaining a safe distance from each other. Every citizen of every country now must take this seriously so that we can live longer as a nation.