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Puss in the Boots: Last Wish: Plot | Release Date

Puss in the Boots is an American Computer animated comedy -adventure drama which is supposed to release in 2022. Puss in Boots was released for the first time in 2011, as a spinoff sequel to the Shrek movie. After being adored by millions of fans, Puss in the Boots always had the possibility of a sequel. Puss in the Boots: Last Wish is a must watch!

Hollywood Animation movies are trending now. Somehow it is easier to use anthropomorphic creatures as projections of human characters. The creation of talking animals is nothing new though. Aesop's Fables are the best example that adapted animals as human-like characters. Various religious allegorical stories too have often resorted to this fable to be more approachable and accepting towards the variety of readers. 

The simple things, funny dialogues and actions everything seems much better in animation movies. The growing popularity is not at all limited to the young kids anymore. The careful treatment of the topics, storyline and characters have made them well-liked among the adult viewers as well. 

Puss in the Boots is one such movie that will make you watch it over and over again. This is the reason Puss in Boots: Final Wish is one of the most anticipated ventures of 20222. 

Check out this article to know more about your favourite feline hero, new release, the cast and much more. 

Puss in the Boots: plot

In this sequel, Puss is said to have one life left. During his previous adventure, Puss had already lost eight of his lives. Now he must restore his lost lives and fulfil this, he sets out on one final mythical quest. 

Since this is a new journey, more adventures and challenges await him. New characters too will be there. Among the old cast, Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek will reprise their respective roles of Puss and Kitty. 

Puss: First Appearance

The character of Puss was first introduced to the viewers in the Shrek movie. This Spanish talking cat tried to kill Shrek, as commanded by Fiona' father. Since Shrek shows him kindness and spares his life, Puss asks Shrek if he could tag along with him. 

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Puss in the boots: prequel

showcasing the poster of season 1 of puss in boots
Puss in Boots is ready to blow the audience once again!

The prequel shows Puss when he was much younger. Once he was manipulated to rob a bank by his childhood friend Humpty. He has been on the run ever since. Puss wants his honour back at any cost. This desperation makes him take the help of Humpty and a hit cat called Kitty. 

Later he learns how Humpty has betrayed him and manipulated him into doing things he did not want to. This movie focuses on Puss ‘ journey to recover his lost honour. 

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What can we expect from Puss in the boots the last wish

starring the director of puss in the boots: last wish
Featuring Joel Crawford, the Director of Puss in the Boots: Last Wish

Puss is once again here to sweep us off with his sassy attitude and brave quests. It has been 10 years since the first part was released. A lot of changes are supposed to take place. Puss and Kitty are together and their romantic journey is something to look forward to. There will be many new journeys and that means Puss will meet a lot of new people and that means many super cool adventures are going to be in this awesome movie.

Kitty in Puss in the Boots: Last Wish

showcasing the protagonist, puss with his friends from puss in the boots: last wish
Puss is back with his friends, Humpty and Kitty!

In the previous part, Kitty had betrayed Puss and yet they found their way back to each other. The viewers expect Kitty's character and personality will be explored more.

Kitty is extremely suave and alluring. She is cool and confident and fights she does like losing. She keeps stealing Puss' hat and boots. She shares her story with Puss. She tells how cruelly her oblivious owners treated her and finally declawed her. 

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Humpty Alexander Dumpty

Humpty is Puss' oldest friend. They met each other at the orphanage where they both grew up. Humpty was the one who gave the name Puss. It was  Humpty who encouraged Puss to commit crimes. 

But when Puss wanted to get out of this criminal life, Humpty does not let that happen and tricks him into joining a heist. 

In return, Puss does not help him. He leaves him to the guard's mercy and he surrenders. 

Humpty never really got over the fact Puss left him to be caught by the guards. This is the reason he plotted revenge and years later he betrayed Puss, only unleashing greater problems upon their city.  

In the end of the first Puss survives every obstacle but in return he loses eight lives. In the new movie he is going to restore his previously lost lives. 

Release Date of Puss in the Boots: Last Wish

The movie is set to release on 23 Rd September 2022. 

Availability of Puss in the Boots: Last Wish

The movie will be released into the cinema halls.


Puss in Boots is a really cool movie to watch. Even though it is kind of a spin-off sequel, the viewers' experiences will not be impacted without the prequel. This movie can be watched as stand-alone. 

Needless to say if you are Puss in Boots fan like I am, do watch the first part, just to refresh your memory.

What are your thoughts on this movie? Do you think this sequel is worth the wait? Share your thoughts and ideas below in the comments section and let us know.

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