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Purple Hearts Cast : Everything You Need to about the Characters and Their Roles!

New film Purple Hearts has charmed Netflix viewers since it arrived on the streamer toward the finish of July.

The heartfelt show stars Sofia Carson as an aspiring singer-songwriter and Nicholas Galitzine as a grieved US Marine, who are constrained into a marriage of comfort that at last becomes a romantic tale.

Also, Carson as of late uncovered that she had “prompt” chemistry with Galitzine.

She proceeded, “And the following day, our characters got married. The following day, they professed their affection for one another. The following day, he got sent to Iraq. And afterward the following day was the affection scene in the inn. So we really dove into this film, and we needed to construct pretty prompt trust with each other.”

Alongside Carson and Galitzine, there are a lot of other recognizable faces in the Netflix unique.

Look at the full cast list beneath – including informaton on where you could have seen the actors previously.

Who Is in the Cast of Purple Hearts on Netflix?

Cassie — Sofia Carson

Sofia Carson stars as Cassie, a struggling singer and songwriter, working in a bar.Cassie has Type I diabetes and her career and bar work don’t empower her to get nice health care coverage to take care of her doctor’s visit expenses.

Reaching an impasse, Cassie suggests a phony marriage to her cherished companion Frankie, but since he has a girlfriend, she is acquainted with his companion Luke, who agrees to the plan, without any hidden obligations. Definitely, be that as it may, things are not as easy as arranged, especially when feelings reach out.

purple hearts cast

Carson is best referred to for her job as Ava Jalali in Lovely Little Liars: The Perfectionists.

She is also notable for playing Evie in Disney’s Descendants film series and for her roles in Austin and Partner, Feel the Beat and Songbird.

As well as starring in Purple Hearts, Carson also serves as a chief maker, and she co-composed and performs on the films soundtrack.

Luke — Nicholas Galitzine

Nicholas Galitzine plays Luke, a medication fiend in recuperation who owes his previous street pharmacist huge load of cash.

Luke is also a newcomer to the Marines, which he participated in anticipation of a fresh start and to gain the appreciation of his dad. His life is flipped around when he is seriously harmed by an improvised explosive gadget, which brings him and Cassie closer together.

Galitzine starred as Ruler Robert in the 2021 true to life Cinderella, alongside Camila Cabello. His different credits incorporate Chambers, The Art: Heritage and Handsome Fiend.

Frankie — Chosen Jacobs

Chosen Jacobs plays Frankie, Cassie’s lifelong companion and Luke’s confidant in the Marines.

purple hearts cast

Jacobs is best known for playing young Mike Hanlon in Andy Muschietti’s IT and IT: Part Two, Wendell Deaver in Castle Rock and El on Disney+’s Sneakerella.

Johnno — Anthony Ippolito

Anthony Ippolito portrays Johnno, a street pharmacist from Luke’s past not entirely set in stone to get the cash Luke owes him.

Ippolito, notable for playing George Wright on Netflix’s Fantastic Armed force, also starred in Pixels, Nitwit’s Day and You Have the Option to Stay Brutal.

Nora — Kat Clever

Kat Clever plays Nora, Cassie’s old buddy and bandmate.

Clever is an actor, model, artist and musician, notable for playing Christina Fuego in HBO’s The Deuce.

Their different credits incorporate Trinkets and Marry Me.

Jacob Morrow Sr. — Linden Ashby

Linden Ashby portrays Jacob, Luke’s estranged dad and resigned military cop.

purple hearts cast

Ashley, notable for his job as Noah Stilinski in the television series Adolescent Wolf, will reprise his job as Noah in Youngster Wolf: The Film, which is set to make a big appearance on Paramount+ on October 15. His different credits incorporate The Young and the Restless, Days of Our Lives, Melrose Spot and Adoring.

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Other cast members include:

Loren Escandon as Marisol Salazar

John Harlan Kim as Toby

Scott Deckert as Jacob Morrow Jr.

Purple Hearts is streaming on Netflix now.

Sofia Carson as Cassie Salazar

Taking the easy street isn’t a possibility for the film’s aspiring singer-songwriter. Cassie juggles several jobs as a server, food conveyance driver and piano educator.

Yet, performing with her band is the main gig she’s really passionate about. Indeed, even with her different sources of pay, finding sufficient cash for both lease and insulin is an excessive amount to bear.

Despite the challenges, however, she’s persistent — something she gained from her single mother. Because of her childhood in a common migrant family, Cassie also advocates for other minimized communities and won’t compromise her beliefs.

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“I was telling the genuine story of a young lady, little girl of a worker single mother who has battled for everything in her life,” Carson tells Tudum. “Her story is crude and real and delightful, however frequently weighty with injury, loss, injustice and the reality of an uncalled for system.” Like her personality, Carson is a singer-songwriter (but a multi-platinum, grant designated one).

She’s known for her roles in Feel the Beat, Lovely Little Liars: The Perfectionists and Disney’s Descendants. Carson also serves as leader maker on Purple Hearts, and is one of the film’s co-writers and the entertainer of the film’s soundtrack (accessible July 29).

Nicholas Galitzine as Luke Morrow

The well put together US Marine is preparing for arrangement, however he hasn’t always been the model all-American kid. Coming from an upset past, Luke enlists in the military to win over his estranged dad. He’s glad to serve and safeguard his nation, however when he meets Cassie, he learns to let down his gatekeeper.

Despite the fact that Luke doesn’t always concur with Cassie’s politics, he’s persuaded to briefly marry her for additional compensation benefits to clear his past debts.

purple hearts cast

Chosen Jacobs as Frankie

As Cassie’s companion since adolescence, Frankie still looks out for her like his own flesh and blood. At the point when they’re brought together at a bar, Cassie is switched off by Frankie’s pals’ misogynistic jokes. Nonetheless, it’s through this loaded experience that she ends up gathering Luke.

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Jacobs is known for his job in the musical film Sneakerella, as well as playing young Mike Hanlon in the It movies.


Purple Hearts isn’t your run of the mill enemies-turned-lovers romantic tale. Its driving characters are just two young individuals with vastly unique worldviews. Cassie Salazar (Sofia Carson) is an aspiring musician living with Type I diabetes, while Luke Morrow (Nicholas Galitzine) is an enthusiastic US Marine getting ready for sending.

Yet, when they discover that they’re each conveying weighty monetary obligation, the two strangers consent to enter an impermanent marriage that will permit the two of them to receive the wellbeing and monetary rewards of the military.

Through music, the newlyweds soon more deeply study one another and in the end figure out something worth agreeing on. Meet the cast of Purple Hearts, from rising stars to pop singers.

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