Pure Villain Chapter 54 Release Date, Spoilers, Where to Read, and Raw Scans!


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The series Pure Villain is a combination of different genres. It is very beautifully expressed in romance, comedy, action, and supernatural genres.

The series is focused on a world where special police exist to deal with special criminals. The strongest and the best police officer, Han Do-ryeong unexpectedly met with the worst villain and his life turns upside down. But there is some twist in the story and that’s the love story of both the officer and villain. Let’s see what twists the story unfold in the upcoming chapters.

What is the Release Date of Pure Villain Chapter 54?

The new chapter of your beloved series is expected to be out soon. So, are you all up for it? Have you read the last chapter 53 of the series?

If yes, then you are fully ready to amuse yourself with the upcoming chapter 54 which is expected to be out by June 14, 2023. Take a look below to know the release time of the chapter according to your location and mark the date in your calendars as a reminder.

Time Zone Date Time
Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) Thu, 15 June 2023 02:00
Australian Central Standard Time (ACST) Thu, 15 June 2023 15:30
Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) Wed, 14 June 2023 23:00
British Summer Time (BST) Thu, 15 June 2023 07:00
Japan Standard Time (JST) Thu, 15 June 2023 15:00
Central Daylight Time (CDT) Thu, 15 June 2023 01:00
India Standard Time (IST) Thu, 15 June 2023 11:30
Korea Standard Time (KST) Thu, 15 June 2023 15:00

Where to Read Pure Villain Chapter 54?

Pure Villain Chapter 54 Release Date

You must be wondering about the e-reading platforms available for the chapter if you are a new reader. So let me tell you that the chapter will be available to read on Webtoon, and Naver Comics. Additionally, you can read the chapter on these websites in the English translations. The platform is free to access and provides you with numerous series to read.

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Pure Villain Chapter 54- Spoilers!

Are you also looking for spoilers for the upcoming chapter?

Then you will have to wait for a few more days because spoilers are leaked mainly two to three days before the chapter is dropped. We will be editing this article when spoilers will be out, so make sure you come back to read the article and update yourself with the latest information.

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Pure Villain Chapter 54- Raw Scans!

Raw scans of the impending Chapter 54 of the series Pure Villain are not shared at the time of writing the article. It is expected that the raw scans will be out within a few days before the chapter is officially dropped. For the time being, you can entertain yourselves with a quick recap of the last chapter shared below in the article.

What Happened in the Pure Villain Chapter 53?

The previous chapter 53 of the series Pure Villain started one day after Park Rosa and Han Doryeong drank and kissed each other. She thought it all to be a delusion but later realized that it was all in reality and she wasn’t dreaming.

When Han Doryeong accepted and confessed his love for her, she instantly kissed him as they both were drunk. Remembering all this, Park Rosa decided to pretend like she isn’t aware of anything and she can’t remind of yesterday’s happenings.

Seeing all this, Han Doryeong gets upset and distressed.

Pure Villain Chapter 54 Release Date

Han Doryeong leaves in a state of anger, and seeing this Sei gets to Han to inquire about his intentions. Doryeong responds by stating that he is seeking revenge. Meanwhile, Woosub, who has unfortunately developed feelings for Rosa, informs his friends that he was already aware of Rosa’s crush on someone else.

At the very moment when Woosub was feeling dejected and was trying to give up on Rosa, he unexpectedly receives a text from her expressing her feelings to meet him.

This turns Woosub’s mood around completely, and he becomes ecstatic. He hurries to meet her, dressing up in his finest attire to make a good impression.

When they meet up, Rosa poses a question to Woosub: What is the biggest mistake someone can make after drinking alcohol? When Woosub discovers that the person Rosa had been drinking with was Doryeong, it greatly distresses him.

Here, the chapter comes to an end. Now, let’s what If Woosub will be able to handle this or not. Will he get hurt with this?

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In a nutshell, the series Pure Villain is expected to publish a new chapter 54 to add to its list of chapters. Fans are curious and excited to know the details of the upcoming chapter which is expected to be out by June 14, 2023. Though no spoilers or raw scans for the chapter are out yet, we can anticipate them to be out within one to two days.

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