Public Mobile Plans Overview 2023: Pros and Cons


Mohit Kamboj

The largest network in Canada is used by Public Mobile, a Telus subsidiary. Public Mobile offers 3G and the newest 4G LTE services, but you won’t get the lightning-fast 5G speeds Telus offers.

There are no agreements or contracts because the cell carrier only offers prepaid plans. You have the freedom and flexibility to pay for what you need when you need it because every plan is month-to-month. Public Mobile offers plans starting at $15/month for basic 3G speeds or $41.25/month for the least expensive 4G service.

Public Mobile – Pros and Cons

Pros. Cons.
Plans start at just $15/month No unlimited data
A points program that helps you save No 5G coverage
Excellent coverage Very limited phone options
Prepaid carrier with 4G plans 4G plans are more expensive

Public Mobile Plans Overview

1 $25 Unlimited Canada-Wide Talk + Text + 1GB $25 + $10 Upfront
2 $40 Unlimited Canada-Wide Talk + Text + 15GB $40 + $10 Upfront
3 $30 Unlimited Canada-Wide Talk + Text + 3GB $30 + $10 Upfront
4 $50 Unlimited Canada-Wide Talk + Text + 23GB $50 + $10 Upfront
5 $30 Unlimited Canada-Wide Talk + Text + 3GB $25 + $10 Upfront

What We Like About Public Mobile?

  • Variety of Options
  • Points System
  • 4G Plan Option
  • It is always a relief to find cell phone service that is affordable because Canadian cell phone plans are known for their high costs. For about $40 per month, you can get 5GB of data with the greatest value option. Other choices come with a lot more data but are more pricey. While 4G plans might offer 40GB for $95/month, 3G plans have a cap of $70/month for 20GB.
  • Every month, you earn Public Mobile Points, which can significantly reduce your monthly cost. You can reduce your prices by doing simple things like paying for your service or suggesting a friend. Given that each Public Point is worth $1, they accumulate quickly.
Activity Public Points Earned
Subscribe 5 Points
Pay Every Month 5% of Your Monthly Cost
Anniversary 10 Points
Refer a Friend 1 Public/ Month they stay with public
Helping in the Public Mobile Community Up to 20 Points/ Month
  • Only Public Mobile, Lucky Mobile, and Chatr, among the prepaid subcarrier brands, provide 4G LTE broadband connectivity. When compared to 3G, 4G speeds can be up to 30 times quicker, which can significantly reduce the time it takes to download apps, load movies, or stream music. Speed limitations for 3G clients are 3Mbps as opposed to 100Mbps for 4G subscribers.

What We Do Not Like About Public Mobile?

  1. No Unlimited Data
  2. No 5G Coverage
  3. Limited Phone Options
  • Even though Public Mobile is the only prepaid provider of 4G, they are also the only provider of limited data plans. Having said that, Chatr and Lucky’s speeds are extremely poor and are only capable of reading basic web sites and emails once your 3G data has been consumed.
  • Compared to 3G, 4G LTE speeds are impressive, but 5G still outperforms them. It’s unlikely that Telus would offer 5G through Public Mobile any time soon in order to preserve a gap in cost and offerings.
  • The capability to purchase phones is brand-new to Public Mobile. Even so, the range of certified pre-owned devices is limited, is only available online, and requires full payment. Although this is preferable to having no phone options, you are likely better off researching other possibilities for a new cell phone

Recap: Is Public Mobile Right for You?

Public Mobile is an excellent option for those in need of cheap 4G service with no contract requirements. Even if 3G speeds are all you require, there are numerous solutions available at reasonable pricing. The integration of Public Points to save you money and the Telus network to provide coverage in more locations make Public Mobile a wonderful alternative for a mobile service provider.

But, if you desire unlimited bandwidth, 5G speeds, or cutting-edge gear, Public Mobile is not your best option. Telus, the parent provider of Public Mobile, offers all of these services and more, so you can still enjoy the greatest nationwide coverage and plan incentives.

Public Mobile: FAQs

Which carrier owns Public Mobile?

Telus owns Public Mobile.

How fast is Public Mobile data?

Depending on your location and data plan, the speed of your Public Mobile data will vary. With a 3G package, you may anticipate speeds of up to 3 Mbps, sufficient for many simple tasks. If you have a 4G plan, your maximum speed is 100 Mbps, which is fast enough to download a Netflix movie in a few minutes.

Is Public Mobile coverage good?

Yeah, coverage for Public Mobile is good. Public Mobile uses Telus’ network, which is the most reliable and has the best coverage.