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PUBG: PUBG Adds Bots To The Game To Make It Easy For New Players


David Mudd

Whoever new to PUBG, then feel happy because the new Update of PUBG brings you to advantage.

As we all know, the game is always first to have Updates on the game, which gathered a wide range of fans and games all around the world. Now, what’s the new Update it bring this time?

Yeah, as I mentioned before the game is keen on the fresh players this time. Through Update 7.1, the game adds the feature like “bots”., which will ultimately profit you.

PUBG Adds Bots: Gaming Got Easy For New Players

Two days back, we have an Update 7.1 , on PUBG, well, this new feature makes mind-blowing to all new players. Actually the developers are so keen on their new players because no one is ready to lose their newcomers.

PUBG 1.27 update

What to do to make new players stick on tho the game? If they got defeated every time by skilled players, surely they will lose hopes on the game. So, this ultimately makes the game into a loss.

Keeping this on the mind, the developers added “BOTS” unreal players to the game. These Bots will make new players have much more grip on the game.

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What BOTS Do?

These Bots, are the same as the real players but not real players, that is these are computer-based players.

If you are aware of the gameplay in PUBG, then one can access to the game with 100 players only. But this is not working mostly, and even though it works new players get defeated early in the game.

With the introduction of BOTS, this makes easy, because Bots neither enters any house nor loots you. So, you can guess who is real and who is virtual. But, computers are more accurate than we are, so they can defend themselves easily.

If your game consists of 80 members as real players, then the remaining 20 will be BOTS.


Mostly Bots won’t have any parachute, will not loot a real player, enters in any house, will not lands on any top of houses.

The addition of these Bots to the game makes much interesting and make it busy. Bots will carry great weapons where no one can have them, so if you kill a bot then you can access them. Splendid!! Right?

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