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PUBG Mobile The Tournament Streams Online To Avoid Coronavirus

Pubg Mobile

We all know about the craziness of PUBG among youths. It became one of the biggest e-sports in the world. PUBG Mobile even holds a tournament for its players. But due to the Coronavirus Outbreak, some major changes are happening in the gaming industry.

PUBG Tournament

As we know, India has the biggest number of PUBG players in the world. So, PMCO India (PUBG Mobile Club Open) was a huge success. The regional finals of PUGB Tournament South East Asia 2020 took place in February. Players are ready to participate in “PUBG Mobile Pro League South East Asia 2020” which is going to take place in New Delhi on 12th March.

Effect Of Corona Virus On PUBG Tournament

Coronavirus outbreak is causing a great threat across the world. It is affecting the tech industry as well. Online Gaming Tournaments is changing its schedule because of this uncertain situation. Many e-sports like Over watch League already canceled its matches to prevent coronavirus from spreading.

Now, PUBG Corporation is turning down its” PUBG Mobile Pro League South East Asia 2020”. The authority doesn’t want to gather a real-world audience in this risky situation. Public health matters most now, and they want to help in preventing the virus in as many ways as possible.

Result of the Changes In PUBG Tournament

Though PUBG Corporation announced the cancellation of the tournament in person, fans can still participate online for the game. That means” PUBG Mobile Pro League South East Asia 2020” is going to be an online event. Just there won’t be any live audience or venue. Players will be able to stream this game online on PUBG Mobile’s YouTube channel.

PUBG Mobiles

But a new schedule for this online event has not announced yet. So, PUBG lovers need to be patient about it until the announcement.

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