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PUBG Mobile: 0.17.0 Version Is Here!!


PUBG corporation developed and released an online multiplayer battle royale game called Players Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG). This blockbuster game was released 2 years ago. Now to celebrate its second-anniversary PUBG Corporation decided to release a new version.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG 0.17.0

PUBG 0.17.0 is the latest update. It will occupy 47.77 MB on your phone. The minimum configuration needed to access this update is Android 4.3. It is encrypted with MD5, SHA-1, and SHA-256 algorithms. March 3, 2020, saw the release of this new version.

“2Gether We Play” is the theme. If you haven’t downloaded this update go to play store immediately. Update your game. After Updation, don’t forget to download in-game resources. It will help you have smooth access to the game.

You also have to download the map extension to access all-new features. After completion total game size will be around 1GB.


There are many features in this update. Let us look into each one

PUBG 1.27 update

Hardcore Mode:

It is completely a manual mode. Auto Opening is also not there. It is for those who love it the hard way. Many players said that it is the most realistic way to play the game. There is no sound prompts so you have to use your ears and identify from where the sounds are coming.

Death Replay:

Getting killed? Now you can replay your death. You can go through it carefully and see where you are going wrong. Next time don’t repeat the same mistake. You can also observe if any other player is using cheats to kill. If that is the case you can report it. Authorities will take care of the rest.

You have to enable this mode manually. Go to settings, then to the Basics tab. There you will see “Death Replay”. Enable it.

Brothers In Arms System: 

Pubg Mobile Update

With this mode, you can register as Rookie or Veteran. Rookie means that you don’t have much experience. Veteran means you have lots of experience. Both Rookies and Veterans can play together in the battle of Classic Mode. Veterans can teach Rookies. Rookies will learn new skills and get experience and Veterans will win rewards.

Universal Marks:

You can now communicate Quickly using Universal marks mode. You can mark locations, death crates, supplies and vehicles for your friends. To enable it, go to settings. Then go to the “Basics” tab. You can see “Universal Marks”. Enable it and help your friends in need.

Amusement Park Mode:

PUBG is all about modes. Here is another mode that is accessible from March 12. Here you can play 4 games. They are Trampoline game, Space War game, Hunting game, and Shooting range game.

There are many other features like Season 12 Royale Pass, Winter Mode, Karakin Map to name a few. Hope you will enjoy this new Update of PUBG.

Pubg Mobilepubg

If you haven’t played PUBG till now, boy!! you are missing a lot. Go to Play Store immediately and download it right now!!

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