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Psycho Pass Season 4: Will There Ever Be A Fourth Season?

In this article, we will discuss the topics like “Psycho Pass Season 4: Will There Ever Be A Fourth Season?” Know Everything About This Hottest Sci-Fi series. Therefore, if this is something that piques your curiosity, stick with us.

Production I.G. tried to start a new science-fiction franchise on the same level as Ghost in the Shell with Psycho-Pass. It was supposed to be something new that would move the medium forward, but now, the franchise’s future seems uncertain.

In 2012, Gen Urobuchi and Naoyoshi Shiotani wrote and directed the first season. Psycho-Pass got a lot of praise from critics for its dark and mature dystopian story, its iconic villain, and its exciting detective story, which by all accounts should have been the next big science-fiction franchise. In a way, it kinda was. Between 2012 and 2019, Psycho-Pass had three seasons, a big movie in 2015, three short films, spin-off games, drama CDs, and a manga series. With all the promise shown in the first season, why does the show seem to have gotten worse over the years?

A Follow-up Film Made By A Different Studio

When Psycho-Pass 2 was given the go-ahead, fans might not have known that it wasn’t being made by Production I.G. In fact, it wasn’t Urobuchi who was making it. Instead, it was Tatsunoko Production and Tow Ubukata. Urobuchi helped plan and write the idea for the story, but planning and doing something are very different.

People didn’t like season 2 because it felt like a repeat of season 1, but with a weaker villain, a less interesting cast, and half as many episodes. It was still dark and had a lot of scary parts, but because it didn’t have a strong story to hold it all together, those scary parts felt cheap.

This sequel wasn’t very good, and it started a trend that made fans of the show wonder if it should have kept going. The second season seemed like a distraction while Urobuchi and the rest of the A-team at Production I.G. were working on Psycho-Pass: The Movie, which felt like the real sequel fans had been waiting for.

Psycho Pass Season 4

The Film

When the movie came out, people who didn’t like the second season were more sceptical, but most people agree that it was a good return to form for the franchise. Even the new characters from the second season got better. If season 2 felt like a fall from grace, the movie was like the old Psycho-Pass never left.

Akane Tsunemori, the real main character of the series, went through some great character growth and held her own with Kogami, the more traditional main character who came back. Fans still wanted more, but it would be a while before they got it. The film was well-liked because it showed more of the world outside of Japan with Urobuchi’s usual grim style.

Scum Of The System

The next movie in the series didn’t come out until 2019, when director Naoyoshi Shiotani made three short films with very different stories set in the Psycho-Pass universe. Throughout the series, these movies brought back old characters that fans liked, introduced new ones, and gave the supporting cast more depth.

At this point in the series, Gen Urobuchi was no longer working on it, and his name no longer drew people in.

Shiotani has always run the franchise, but the sole non-Urobuchi movie failed, therefore Psycho-Pass didn’t attract as much attention as earlier sequels.

Psycho Pass Season 4

Amazon Prime Video contributed. Funimation obtained seasons 1 and 2 and the movie, but not Sinners of the System or Psycho-Pass 3, which came out later. Amazon streamed season 3, but no one bought Sinners of the System films.

The trilogy of movies based on one of the most popular sci-fi animes of the 2010s failed to sell. Consider. It seems the franchise was stuck in the past.

It kept telling stories about the same characters without moving the story forward. Time for something different.

Psycho-Pass 3

Amazon sent Psycho-Pass 3 to every country in the world through Amazon Video. This meant that Funimation’s English dub, which starred Robert McCollum and Kate Oxley, was done. Another show that didn’t make it because of the anime streaming war and Psycho-Pass’ long break.

The show was definitely risky, with a whole new cast of characters, a Japan that looked very different from how it did in season 1, and a new threat. It seemed like they wanted to start over, tell a new story with new characters, and move the world’s story forward at the same time.

Even though Tow Ubukata came back to write, the gamble mostly paid off after 8 hour-long episodes and a movie ending. It was a big step up from Psycho-Pass 2, but the series seemed to be losing interest in social ideas. Instead, it was becoming more of a police procedural with occasional cool fights.

Psycho Pass Season 4

Will There Be No Psycho-Pass Season 4?

Since Psycho-Pass 3: First Inspector came out in 2020, it hasn’t been clear if the series is going to keep going. Once Amazon loses the rights, the best guess anyone could make is that Sinners of the System and season 3 might eventually come out on Blu-ray.

As for new stories, Psycho-Pass seems to have done a bad job with what it was given. The people who made it made mistakes, and even when they fixed them, they waited too long to continue the show. Even though the new entries aren’t bad, maybe people have just stopped caring.

Production I.G. needs to think very carefully about what to do if Psycho-Pass ever goes on. If they keep trying to make money off of the franchise for another five years, it’s unlikely that people will like it. But if they want to end it all in a big way, one more movie or TV show wouldn’t hurt.

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