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David Mudd

PSN Down For PS4 Owners: Gaming And Social Services Experiencing Outage

Let’s have a better tooth because the troubleshooting issue about the PSN Services in gaming is out of service now.

The PSN Services in gaming and social are down for all ‎PS4 owners, on late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. As per the report, Sony has no word on this official update. It is yet is declare when the services will return.

As of now, there is still a troubleshooting issue for all gamers.

PSN Down For PS4 Owners:


About 8:30 pm PT, the reports on social media announcing that the access to both games and party options is out of range(not working). But, for those who visited the PSN service status website on that particular time, recorded no issues. No farther, a red light appeared next to “Gaming And Social”, indicating not in proper condition. But the actual downtime appeared at 9:02 pm PT. Then after Sony indicating the problem with the page,  and saying “owners may have some difficulty launching games, applications, or online features.”

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But still, there is a piece of good news, the problem will not apply to all the PS4 owners, there is a fair chance to have no problem with your website. We had many more users who still able to log on to the webpage and can play games like, Call of Duty: Warzone and Resident Evil: Resistance without any issue. Yet, there still many users who are unable to log on to the webpage who were already paid, users, and subscribers.

We are seeing a few issues like the slow down of the internet, because there is a lot of usage of the internet and facing problems. To keep an end to this several services like Xbox and  ‎PSN are slowing down the speeds. But we still had problems.


The bad news fly in the air when people try to get out of the boring stuff. Hoping the issues with the website will recover soon. And Sony is on to fix the problem.