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PS5 Video: Will You Be Happy With The PlayStation 5 UI? And Check Out This Mind Bobbling Design’s Of PlayStation 5!


David Mudd

Sony is the mother of all Play Stations.  And, in this 21st-century world where gaming is one priority in most people’s lives, it only makes sense that they keep evolving.

The run is long, and now, Sony presents us with its latest PlayStation 5 version. However, is PS5 the ultimate that is going to keep everyone happy still remains an unanswered question.


PS5 Video Shows Us The Home Screen View

The wait for PlayStation 5 is so long that gamers have taken up the responsibility to create a user interface of what PS5 can look like.

That the video regarding the PS5 UI concept first shows up on Reddit. It is by a designer from Poland named Pawel Durczok. In the video, we get to see how PS5 is parallel to the PlayStation XrossMediaBar.

The games in the PS5 console is present in the library whose access is through the game’s icon.

Other than that, we have the home screen that opens into a sub-menu. Here we can access various other options concerning the games present in PS5.


A fundamental knowledge we gain from the video is the availability of the option “directly starting the game” from an existing file present in the PS5 UI. After that, another video was available on Reddit with more navigation details.

PS5 Designs

There is still no official word from Sony on the details regarding the design of PS5. However, the internet provides us with the latest leaked design on Sony’s PlayStation 5.

Reddit is the platform where the leaked design image was found. The design is a spherical version of PS5 with ports. It looks almost similar to a fishbowl with controllers.

Indeed, the design looks exceptionally extra when it comes to Sony’s gaming console.

Other Updates Surrounding PS5

Play Station 5
Play Station 5

Sony’s new PlayStation 5 is taking longer than expected. Previously, news suggested that the grand launch is going to happen by the end of February.

However, Sony is not even close to releasing details regarding PS5. The cost of the PlayStation is still out there, very vaguely. Meanwhile, we expect Sony to come up with something worth this wait.