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PS 5: New Game Godfall Trailer Leaked Before Its Launch For PlayStation 5


David Mudd

On the one hand, the world is facing the leakage of a deadly virus named COVID-19, and now we heard the news about the leak of Godfall trailer. The makers had already planned a proper release date to launch the trailer and the game. The businesses in the world are already so confused about everything, and things like these are making it all worse. 


Everything is already going down, and we don’t know where this will stop. The economy is falling. The governments are spending all their money on saving their countries from the virus, and that is important.

It is not something that we can take for granted. The markets will stay closed, and leakage of the trailer of a game that was going to release on PS 5, it is a significant setback.

Godfall Release Date:

This game is releasing with PS5, and that is why it will most probably release in December this year. PS 5 is the most awaited release of this year.

More than seven years have passed after the release of PS 4, and now it is the time when Sony has decided to release the next version. This one might be the best gaming console we have seen until now. 


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What Do We Know About Godfall?

Godfall is an action RPG. Counterplay Games develop the game, and Gearbox Publishing will publish it. One fact that would attract you is that it was the first game that the makers announced for Play Station 5. There are now many games on the list and we know are amazing and that is why the hype for this one has decreased.

By the way, Coronavirus has already gained so much hype that the world has forgotten about everything else. 

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Will The Release Date Of This Game Reschedule Because Of COVID-19?

The chances are meager. This Godfall will release in December, and that is far away. Everyone hopes that we don’t have to face these situations for so long.

The Godfall should release when it is going to release. The world is not sure what to do, and all the people are praying that everything gets fine soon.