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Proven Techniques of Selling Cars to Millennials and Gen Z

Car-buying is constantly evolving. In 2020, Covid affected every aspect of the auto industry, manufacturers had to halt production temporarily while dealerships dealt with inventory shortages. But of all the events shaping the auto industry, the most intriguing is the car-buying behavior of Millenials and Gen Zers. They will make 75% of all vehicle purchases by 2025, proving to be the future definers of the auto industry.

Millennials are the people born between 1981 and 1996, while Gen Zers were born between the late 90s and early 2000s. When buying a car, more than half of them (59%) first research online before visiting a dealer. So, your dealership's website has to be responsive, detailed, and optimized for mobile. Millennials and Gen Zers also expect a great experience when they visit a dealership. Here’s how you can give it to them and close the sale.

Have a Good Online Presence

These two generations are more connected than others, most Gen Zers don’t know of a time when Wi-Fi, social media, or iPhones didn’t exist. Almost 100% of millennials use the internet, while 19% of them only use it on their smartphones. Prospects in this demographic are more likely to buy from you if your dealership has positive online reviews and a user-friendly website or mobile app!

They are not too keen on brands, which is a good thing! It means small dealerships can take advantage of social media and sell to them. Encourage your happy customers to share their buying experiences online to attract more buyers.

Digitize Your Dealership

Millennials and Gen Zers want their car-buying experience to match all other retail transactions. It should be simple, clear, and convenient. So, give them a great experience. 56% of shoppers use their smartphones to do further research even at the dealer’s lot, and this can be advantageous to the dealer.

Provide the shopper with a digitally immersive environment, you can do this by placing QR codes for shoppers to scan and get more information or reviews on a car. These interactive displays that can be accessed by smartphones familiarly communicate to your shoppers while giving you valuable data on their preferences.

Speak to Their Individuality

Over 91% of Gen Zers have a digital footprint, they love to showcase their individuality and unique personality online and offline. From their social profiles to their clothing, they are highly expressive and prefer to buy from brands that allow them to express their personality.

You can take advantage of this by customizing the vehicles you’re selling, from interiors to wheels, to colors and license plates. You can even have car images printed on trendy t-shirts or sweatshirts and offer them to shoppers as gifts, most of them wear them on a daily basis. Simply connect with them.

Stick to the Basics

Even with all the new car-selling techniques, you must not forget your first responsibility, which is to help the customer find the right car for their needs. Over 95% of car purchases occur at the dealership, but you still have to provide the customer with a great experience that is both enjoyable and memorable so they can share it with their friends.

Ask them questions and listen to their answers, it’s the only way to learn more about them. Follow your dealership’s set procedures even if you don’t close the sale. Learn and adapt to your customers’ needs to build loyalty.


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