Protests Leading To Vandalism?


David Mudd

George Floyd murder to Donald Trump hiding in bunker: Vandalism over racism

The Situation

The biggest civil unrest has happened in America in the past week and I couldn’t be more baffled.

This is the largest since the assassination of civil rights activist Martin Luther King Junior in 1968.

These protests are now even dominated by violence and vandalism.

On the 25th of May, Minneapolis police received a 911 emergency call.

The call had been made by an employee of retail establishment delicatessen who complained that a man named George Floyd, paid a counterfeit $20 bill to buy a packet of cigarettes.

Four police persons came and arrested George Floyd.

More or less a fight took place and the police somehow thrashed George Floyd, who was pinned down by three police persons.

Videos taken by bystanders showed George Floyd was unable to breathe.

He kept saying “I Can’t Breathe” but the policemen were far too cruel to show mercy whatsoever.


Derek Chauvin, the white policeman seen most prominently in the video, and three of his colleagues were fired the next day.

On May 29, Derek Chauvin was booked for third degree murder.

Post-mortem report of George Floyd has confirmed that he died due to neck compression which led to a heart attack.

Anger Erupts

This led to huge protests, beginning on the 26th of, the day after George Floyd’s murder.

Hundreds of thousands of  protesters took to streets on May 26 evening and gathered outside police stations in Minneapolis.

They used spray paint to deface police station. Some thrashed police vehicles with stones.

The very next day, more protesters came out on the streets of Minneapolis and St Paul, the capital of Minnesota.

These two cities are called the Twin City. A number of white people joined the protests as well.

Men breaking windows of police stations, people looting stores, showing their unrest took over in no time!