Prom Pact Movie: Disney+ is Coming With a New High-school Rom-Com!


David Mudd

The Prom Pact movie, the romantic comedy centered on the fun and tension surrounding high school prom season, is currently developing by Disney as a brand-new original for Disney+.

The storyline of high school prom season will be told in Prom Pact. As high school seniors Mandy and Ben, respectively, Peyton and Milo will play them. They have lofty aspirations and aren’t interested in going to prom.

Mandy, for instance, has Harvard and Harvard alone on her mind until her admission is postponed. Therefore, she will use whatever strategy to remove her name from the waiting.

What Will Be the Release Date of the Prom Pact Movie?

Prom Pact movie

A forthcoming Disney+ original Prom Pact movie is a Rom-Com set in the USA. It would be arriving in the springtime of 2023.

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Anya Adams will serve as the film’s director. Before Ginny & Georgia, Adams directed numerous episodes of Fresh Off the Boat on ABC and the first two installments of Ginny & Georgia on Netflix.

Anthony Lombardo is responsible for writing the movie’s script. American Housewife, an ABC comedy series, had previously included Lombardo’s writing. The movie’s executive producers are Julie Bowen, Rachel Field, Melvin Mar, as well as Jake Kasdan.

What Do We Know About the Romantic Storyline of the Film?

Prom Pact movie

High school seniors Mandy Yang and Ben are encircled by extravagant Promposals with an ‘80s theme during the peak of prom season. Mandy, though, sets her sights set on a different objective: achieving her longstanding desire of going to Harvard.

Once she learns that she has been placed on the waitlist, she becomes motivated to do all in her ability to be accepted, whether that includes enlisting the assistance of Graham Lansing, a popular all-star jock whose father is a prominent senator as well as Harvard alum.

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Mandy starts to see Graham is more than she initially assumed, and perhaps there is more beyond Harvard and life. When the idea was still in the planning stages, Bowen spoke about it.

According to an interview with Bowen, “the central protagonist is indeed a feminist, as well as she does not understand this notion of falling in love.”

“It all goes right back towards Shakespeare: she’s just that little bit outspoken, quite type A, as well as since she’s so liberal, really does not have to believe particularly in normative love. But when she does, the connection is apparent.”

Who Will Be Seen in the Rom-Com Movie?

Prom Pact movie

Julie Bowen, a former member of the Modern Family, will executive produce the film. Around November 2021 discussion, she discussed the film and described Prom Pact as a non-traditional rom-com.

The upcoming film Prom Pact will star Milo Manheim as well as Peyton Elizabeth Lee.  Around February 2022, Doogie Kamealoha, M.D., and the ZOMBIES actor were revealed as the lead characters in the forthcoming Disney+ original film through Deadline.

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McLendon-Covey would play Alyssa, the wife of Tom, who is portrayed by David S. Jung, and the mother of Mandy Yang, the main character. The persona is defined as intelligent and compassionate. She is happy with her daughter’s development as a person but wishes Mandy will take some time to enjoy high school.

Along with McLendon-Covey and Lee, the movie also stars Milo Manheim who will be seen as Ben, Blake Draper who will portray the role of Graham Lansing, Margaret Cho who will be seen as Ms. Chen Cho would take on the role of Ms. Chen, a snarky, witty counselor who supports Mandy throughout her efforts to get into Harvard.

Monique Green will play the character of LaToya, Arica Himmel will be seen in the role of Zenobia, and lastly Jason Sakaki in the character of Charles.

Trailer of  Prom Pact!

Sadly, there isn’t a trailer available for this fantastic Disney+ Rom-Com. So let’s wait as long as we can for any updates on the film.


Who is the director of the Prom Pact movie?

Anya Adams is the director of the Prom Pact movie.

Who did the Screenplay of the film?

Anthony Lombardo did the Screenplay of the Prom Pact movie.

Who did the Cinematography of the film?

Clark Mathis did the Cinematography of the film.


We are all enormous fans of Disney, and we just can’t have enough of the wonderful love storylines that revolve around the many high school proms. We are therefore waiting for it. “Prom Pact” is a brand-new Disney movie that will be available on Disney+.

That it’s being made by “Modern Family” alum Julie Bowen and her creative partner Rachael Field. She would undoubtedly add that humor to this film as well.