Project Management Tools: a Myth or a Real Need for Teams?


Mohit Kamboj

Project Management and Team Performance

A project is a flow of work to reach a specific destination. Little grains of sand make a vast desert and little drops of water make an immeasurable sea. In the same way, the members of a team play their role to lead the entire team to their destination. So, the importance of a team is acknowledged and it cannot be denied at any stage. The team leaders select the team carefully and choose the members according to the nature of the work. Individual commitment, sense of responsibility, skill, and devotion are the key factors for a team leader to adopt a person as a team member. In this way, the team plays the role of backbone in project management.

Effective Project Management

Project management is a work of experience and wisdom. The senior-most committed, and devoted leaders possess the qualities of effective project management. It takes a lot of time and effort to manage projects as they should be managed through the better performance of the team and effective use of resources. Effective management demands that the team members must get proper instructions and there should be no communication gap to avoid any delay or other complications.

It also demands motivating the team to own the project through sincere and devoted efforts. A lot of paperwork and communication is needed for this purpose but the use of technology has made it easy for the managers. The tools are designed to make communication groups for easy and effective communication among the team members and the leaders. These tools help the management to assign and monitor the performance of the work.

Tools for project management

Here are some of the important project management tools. These tools are listed here for their reliability and performance. A brief description can be helpful to understand the importance and functions of these tools.

  1. This tool is specially designed to manage the affairs of the projects when a team leader has to deal with multiple projects and teams. This tool helps the owners and leaders to make groups of several projects and monitor the performance of each group through these groups. The tool is reliable as it enables the leaders to ensure effective communication among the members as well as management. Through remote technology, it ensures the presence of management at the projects. The application is an effective tool to keep the leaders informed about the performance and development of the teams on different projects.
  2. Teamwork: Teamwork is another tool for the organizations is dealing with multiple projects at the same time without any stress of moving among the projects. This tool is equally beneficial for freelancers, and small, medium, and large-scale organizations. The instructions can be given to the workers according to the changes or amendments in the plan. The whole team remains in a touch to be well-informed about the performance of individuals as well as the entire team. This is an easy solution to planning and managing events for organizations.
  3. Infinity: One of the best all-in-one solutions for the problems of project management is called infinity. This tool is effective as it enables the team leaders to keep in touch with the team, management, and clients. Development of the project is always there to monitor and analyze according to the set targets. This tool is recognized by organizations due to its performance and reliability.

Benefits of using Project Management Tools

Project Management tools are not a myth but they are the need of the hour to change the work according to the new patterns of the digital world. Following are some of the benefits that ensure the need for these tools for better management of team, tools, and resources.

  • Effective Communication: Communication can solve most of our problems. Effective communication never allows problems to arise. These tools ensure effective and proof-based communication among the teams to avoid any trouble in the flow of work.
  • Collaboration and coordination: Collaboration and coordination are the souls of teamwork. These tools help the team to coordinate and collaborate effectively. The team members know their task and destination and they move ahead with a clear conscience without any hesitation.
  • In-time completion: These tools help the management to complete the projects within the given time. As the management monitors the progress critically, they can put more effort into the weak areas to complete the target according to the time assigned by the management and clients.


Project management is considered to be a difficult task but it is easy because of project management tools. The project management tools are not a myth but they are the need of the hour to keep pace with the modern world of technology. These tools are reliable because of their performance and countless benefits.