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Project Blue Book: Plot | Cast | Platform

Project Blue Book is an American docudrama based on the ever-mysterious UFO existence on our planet. The series takes us back to the  1950s and 60s when the US Air Force started their research on the presence of UFO crash sites and named it Project Blue Book. This serves as the source material and the inspiration for the series. 

Project Blue Book has 2 seasons. It was quick to grasp the attention of hardcore  UFO- nerds as well mystery-loving general audiences. The riveting tale focuses on many things and does not limit itself to UFOs only. 

Read further to know more about this in the article below. 

Plot of Project Blue Book

Scientist Dr.J. Allen Hynek gets hired by the US Air Force who wants him to investigate certain anomalies. An AirForce claims to witness an ExtraTerrestrial dogfight and it has taken a grave toll on him. Dr Hynek is teamed up with veteran captain Michael Quinn and they both journey towards the discovery of the truth. 

‘It is never what it seems’, this is the term that explains seasons 1&2 the best. 

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Season 1: a quick preview 

Season 1 revolves around Dr Hyneck was recruited by USAF along with their own Michael Quinn. Dr Hynek starts by investigating the first incident in Fargo, West Virginia where US Air Force pilot Captain Fuller claims he has seen an alien spaceship. Dr Hyneck goes there to debunk his theory. But later, throughout his investigation, he meets more people coming forward who claim the same. 

After hearing multiple testimonies, Dr HynecDr launches an investigation of his own as something more sinister is brewing up. Both Dr Hynek and Captain Quinn team up in their quest for the truth. 

On the other hand, Suzie is a Russian Spy who befriends Hyneck’s wife Mimi to know more about Hynek’s new project. 

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Captain Fuller’s last words 

the expert examining the alien in project blue book
Featuring a still from Project Blue Book

Fuller’s last words were terrifying. He told Hynek that soldiers were used as antennas to connect with the Extraterrestrial beings. That they were experimented on. Before Hynek could ask anything else Fuller sets himself on fire.

Season 2 of Project Blue Book 

Season 2 of the series delves more into alien mysteries, conspiracy theories, cover-ups, murders and the eternal battle between individual truth and State-sanctioned version of the truth. The show focuses on how far governments can go when they don’t want you to find out something. 

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Dr Hynek’s quest 

featuring the expert examining a skull
Project Blue Book is back with Aidan Gillen!

In season 1 Dr Hyneck mockingly asks if he was hired to investigate “flying saucers”. Captain Quinn replies they simply wanted him to establish the truth– that UFO doesn’t exist. As Dr Hyneck started investigating, he realised that he had gone into something more than they can handle. 

Season 2 shows Dr Hyneck in a new light. He asks more questions and lets us know that it is not very easy to fool an expert eye. In hindsight, given that he works with pretty dangerous people, this is not a great idea. The good news is that honest scientist finally gets it and becomes a mole in the system to keep on working for the truth.

With the progress of the investigation, he strongly believes that something bigger is going on and he is being used to cover up. 

In season 2, Hynek confirms that beings from outer space do exist and they have been in contact with Earth for a very long time. It is only a matter of time till they pay a visit here. 


Mimi, Hynek’s wife, ends up being more involved in his secret work. The couple realises that all this secret-keeping is taking a toll on their relationship and they don’t have anyone else to trust but each other.  

Michael Quinn

Captain Quinn is the one who is sent by his boss Harding to meet the traumatized soldier in Fargo. At the same, he is asked to recruit Dr J.Allen Hyneck to debunk all alien theories. 

Initially, he emerges as a devoted soldier who only believes in facts, figures and whatever his Boss tells him to believe in. After meeting Dr Hyneck and facing some strange situations himself, Quinn changes a lot. Finding the truth becomes his mission too.

Cast of Project Blue Book 

featuring aidan gillen along with the expert examining the sky and tracing steps towards a ufo
For UFO Fans, Project Blue Book rings all too true to life!

The actors include Aidan Gillen as Dr Hyneck, Michael Malarkey as Captain Quinn, Ksenia Solo as Suzie Miller, Neal McDonough as Captain James Harding, Laura Mennel as Mimi Hynek. The cast has done a massive job in the show. 

Release date of Project Blue Book 

Season 2 was released on 8 th January 2019 

Availability of Project Blue Book 

The show is available on the site of History channel and Amazon Prime Video.


The docudrama is one of its kind. The topic itself gets a full score for showing the terrifying side of the  State and its obsession to control the narrative. It is the State that decides on the truth as well. The show has done a fine job regarding the portrayal of one man’s search for truth and the State’s old habit to oppress him. 

Have you enjoyed this show? Or do you have some other favourites? Do you believe in UFOs? Share your thoughts in our comments section and let us know if you liked this one.

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