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Private Eyes Season 4 | Story of Investigators


David Mudd

Private Eyes is a Canadian comedy-drama television series. Do you love to enjoy dramas? I like the most, even when I was child I usually went to the fair to watch dramas with my parents.

Private Eyes Season 4

Firstly, I would like to ask a question that have you seen the previous seasons of Private Eyes series. If not, then no need to worry the IMDb rating of the show is given below that may help you to recognize the popularity of the show among the fans.

As the 3rd Season of Private Eyes premiered, all the fans (including me) are very much excited to know when the next installment i.e. 4th Season will come……

Keeping this statement in mind, let’s have a look over the article to grasp the knowledge like what happens in it, the casting characters, when it will be on our screen, is there any trailer and much more about the 4th Season of Private Eyes.

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Private Eyes Season 4

Private Eyes Season 4 is one of the best comedy drama television series which is inspired by G.B. Joyce. It is created by Tim Kilby and Shelley Eriksen.

The 1st Season was premiered on 26th May, 2016 on Global. From this, all the fans got excitement for all the next seasons. The 2nd Season of Private Eyes is based on the criminal series. It follows 2 private investigators or you can say private eyes because they solve crime cases in Toronto.

The 4th Season of Private Eyes debuted in November 2020 and now it is on Hiatus. In this Angie and Shade (2 main characters) solves crime and figures out their own deep dark pasts. They solve crimes during a golfing tournament. In this Shade forms a connection with an actress.

It is very hard for me to wait as I am very excited to know more about the 4th Season of Private Eyes……

Keep on scrolling down to grasp more knowledge…….

What happens in Private Eyes Season 4? |The Plotline of Private Eyes Season 4

The story of Private Eyes Season 4 spins around the 2 detectives who solve the crime. The 4th Season will be set in Toronto like the previous series. But it would reveal the different world that includes Gatsby Garden Party, a celebrity Golf Tournament, film festivals and a special alien cult.

Private Eyes Season 4

Moreover, the show will also reveal the personal and professional life of crime-solving investigators.

Let’s have a look over the casting characters of the show that made it mind-blowing and demanding for us……..

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Cast/Characters of the 4th Season of Private Eyes

  • Jason Priestley as Matt Shade
  • Cindy Sampson as Angie Everett
  • Barry Flatman as Matt’s father Don Shade
  • Jordyn Negri as Matt’s visually impaired daughter Juliet “Jules” Shade
  • Samantha Wan as Zoe Chow
  • Ennis Esmer as Detective Kurtis Mazhari
  • Clé Bennett as Detective Derek Nolan
  • Mark Ghanimé as Angie’s ex-fiance Dr. Ken Graham
  • Nicole de Boer as Matt’s ex-wife Becca Dorasay
  • Bree Williamson as Crown prosecutor Melanie Parker

We all know that characters are the ones who can make the show heart-touching for the fans. So, above mentioned are the characters that are to be appreciated.

Now the question arises in my mind and I’m sure the same is in your mind…….

When will Private Eyes Season 4 be on our screen?| The Release Date of the 4th Season of Private Eyes

Firstly, let’s discuss some common points:

Was, Private Eyes renewed for the 4th Season?

Private Eyes Season 4

Yes, Private Eyes has been renewed for the 4th Season.

When does Private Eyes Season 4 come out?

Earlier, it has been announced by Global TV that Private Eyes Season 4 has officially renewed. The premiere date of this show series is Monday 2nd November 2020. Very soon we will update this info when it will be available.

Don’t you want to enjoy the trailer? If yes, then here it is………….

Is there any trailer of Private Eyes Season 4?

With the help of this video you will get to know more about the 4th Season of Private Eyes.

IMDb Rating of Private Eyes Season 4

The IMDb rating of Private Eyes is 7.4 out of 10.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Private Eyes Season 4?

Private Eyes Season 4 is Canadian comedy-drama television series.

What is it about?

It is based on the criminal cases that are solved by the investigators.

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Final Words

Private Eyes Season 4 is one of the best Canadian comedy drama television series. It is the series that is based on the investigation of the crime. They are also called Private Eyes. The series is completely based on the personal as well as professional life of the detectives.