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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Standout In Beverly Hills


David Mudd

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got out for an appointment in Beverly Hills. What to say, both look dapper in their costumes. The couple got photographed while they were out for in Beverly Hills. Besides, the Duchess of Sussex and former actress Meghan wore a loose cream dress with black Sam Edelman ballet flats. Moreover, both look well prepared for a photograph as their usual routine before they retired as the senior members of the royal family.

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The couple moved to LA after the retirement to build their own legacy. After all, some reports say that they signed with agencies that include high-profile individuals. Those sign-ups will help to make their own income and to be involved more in social life. However, both of them are not at all ready to talk anything about the current issues going inside the royal family. It may make discomfort in many relationships around and inside them.

Beyond all, both of them are more committed to social issues now. It includes racial injustice, gender inequality, etc. Recently Meghan teamed up with Michelle Obama to discuss gender equality and the needed social changes.

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