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Press Your Luck Season 2 | Release Date | Cast | Plotline And more

Press your luck is an American game that first launched in 1983 and ran till 1986. The show was very popular in its time. ABC has revived this show with some modifications and a new season premiered in 2020 with Elizabeth Banks as host. Press Your Luck Season 2 will be a must-play!

Game shows are always fun to watch. People trying to answer questions, pressing the buzzers, getting all riled up before the finale and pressure getting on their nerves — all these are familiar reminders of  any quiz competitions that we all have taken part in. 

The new version of this show has created quite a buzz among the old fans as well as the new ones. This current version of Press Your Luck was produced by Fremantle in association with Brownstone Productions.

The Host of Press Your Luck Season 2

Elizabeth Banks is the new host of the show. Banks does a good job as a host. At times she becomes more than that. Her enthusiastic presentation, her sorrow for the losing party and her happiness for the winners have made her a fan favourite. She said that it was a fabulous feeling to be able to give away money that changes lives. 

In addition, she has mentioned she is happy to find out that the industry is changing and recruiting women as game show hosts.   

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Gameplay of Press Your Luck Season 2

a glimpse from the game Press Your Luck Season 2
The game, the gamers, the host and the gameplay of Press Your Luck Season 2!

Gameplay is pretty much the same as the original. The biggest difference is the addition of a $1,000,000 bonus round in the second half-hour of this hour-long version of the show.

Questioning Rounds

a glimpse from Press Your Luck Season 2
Featuring a still from the game, Press Your Luck Season 2

In the question rounds, the host asked questions (three in round one and four in round two) one at a time. On each question, the first player to buzz in had a chance to answer. The answer he/she gave became the first of three answers for his/her two opponents to choose from. A correct buzz-in answer was worth three spins.

 In the first round, 15 spins are available, but the highest one contestant can earn was 9 spins; while in round two 20 spins are available, but the highest one contestant can earn was 12 spins.

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The Big Board is here! 

the host of Press Your Luck Season 2
Featuring the host of Press Your Luck Season 2!

When the question round was over, the contestant island turned around for the contestants to see the big Press Your Luck game board.

The board consisted of 18 squares with the show’s logo in the centre. On the board were thousands of dollars in cash & prizes and

. The contents of every square rotated every second, as there were three slides in each square.

In the first round, the player with the fewest spins went first. The player with the most money at the end of round one played last in round two. 

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Release Date of Press Your Luck Season 2

The show was released on 31st May 2020. Season 2 is not yet confirmed. 


Contestants coming together in a game of wi, strategy, knowledge and presence of mind is always a treat. This one too is no exception. 

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