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President Trump Toasts UFC For Restarting Sports Match


David Mudd

UFC 249: Donald Trump congratulates Dana White on hosting ‘big match’

President Trump Message

Quite recently, President Trump congratulated UFC on the apparent restart of the sports world Saturday night.

This took place after around a 2-month break, however, not sure if this happened for good or not. *shrugs*

His recorded message was played when ESPN was showcasing the UFC 249 undercard in Jacksonville.

In the message, Trump had congratulated Dana White and the entire UFC charter.

He proclaimed his love for the entire opportunity and said, getting the sports leagues back was certainly important.

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What Proceeds


He went on to say that social distancing needs to be applied, but sports still stands as a necessity.

UFC 249 was perpetually the first-ever sporting event that came to life in the middle of the global pandemic.

Having been postpone from the 18th of April, it finally came to life, achieving quite a response from the President himself.

This martial arts colossus is planning to showcase 3 shows in about 8 days with the national audience inside the stadium.

Nonetheless, appropriate rules are to be follow by each and every one of them.

People are less, and the majority of the spectators are watching the home from home, si it’s more or less a win-win situation.

Strict Protocols

The UFC had to go through the entire procedure of confiding into the rigid laws of safety protocols in this time of absolute wreckage.

Nevertheless, Jacare Souza was found to be positive and so were Souza’s 2 cornermen.

They were, right after, made to vacate the hotel and self-isolated, where the UFC team will keep a check on their health.

Gavin Newsom, the other day, joined the debate regarding the entire in-house voting system.

His social media raises awareness about necessary solidarity at this time of crisis.


He went on to say that California will mail a right to vote token to all the 20 million voters for the November elections.

With his order, California becomes the 1st ever state to make suffrage from home.