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Powerbeats: New Apple Wireless Powerbeats Earphones- Review And First Impression


David Mudd

When we are talking about the newest gadgets in the market, we literally cannot forget APPLE. Whenever it comes to high-tech devices we can always expect the best from them. A few days ago, people got the leaked image of their first-ever over-ear headphones. Now they launched their new Wireless Powerbeats Earphones.And this first impression we have on this gadget.


Powerbeats Pro Earphones

Powerbeats Pro is Bluetooth earphone with wireless capability and premium audio quality. Apple launched it on 10th May 2019.

This earphone features Apple’s H1 chip that is also used in AirPods. Powerbeats can sync automatically with iCloud It has 9 hours playback battery life including charging case.

Powerbeats Pro Earphones: Impressions

As we said Powerbeats Pro Earphone has a long battery life, sweat resistance, Sound isolation, and more features. We can take a quick peek on it.

  • Fits and Design: It has a clip-like design that can feel a little awkward at first and takes time to adjust. However, With a good fit, it is both secure and comfy along with elegant looks. This earphone has plenty of color options like Ivory, Black, etc. They are water-resistant and has a 17% weight reduction.
  • The H1 Chip: Using H1 processors is it’s one of the best features. It also allows the SIRI activation and improvement in call clarity.
  • Battery life and Charging Case: Powerbeats Pro Earphone has 9 hours battery life with a quick charging system. 5-minute charge offers 1-hour playback and a 15-minute charge offers 4.5 hours playback. The charging case has a LED indicator too.
  • Audio Quality: It has awesome sound quality, instrumental separation, and 60% less harmonic distortion. It also has noise cancellation and transparency mode for the clearer audio experience.

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Powerbeats Pro Earphones: Reviews

Despite its impressive sound quality and leading battery life, it is slightly disastrous in the charging case. It is larger than  AirPods’s case and doesn’t have a wireless facility.

Apple doesn’t mention its connection issues yet that customers can face shortly. So we have to wait until they reveal Powerbeats Pro Earphones longevity.