Dating Named One of the World’s Most Innovative Herpes Dating Website/App


Sandeep Singh

The world has changed significantly over the past few decades, especially with the rise of social media and dating apps. More people are meeting partners online than ever, including individuals looking for partners with STD/Herpes.

If you’re one of the many singles out there looking for someone to date with Herpes and maybe even settle down with, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there are many dating websites and apps that can help you find a special someone and one of the world’s most innovative Herpes dating website/app is

If you’re single and ready to mingle with like-minded people in your area who have herpes or another STD, we can help! In this article, we’ll introduce you to the world’s most innovative STD/Herpes dating website/app

What are positive singles? When is it started? How many dated successfully?

Launched globally in 2001, is a dating and support community for those with Herpes, HPV, HIV/AIDS, or any other STD. The creators’ goal was, and still is, to create a particular community for those who have STDs, as well as a website where users can find love, support, and hope.

PositiveSingles is the number one website for online dating and support for those living with STDs. PositiveSingles today has over 2 million quality users due to its exceptional reputation, features and innovation with 60,000+ STD dating success stories, 2,550,000+ monthly discussions, and 20,000+ monthly blog articles.

Why Positive Singles Named one of the Most Innovative Herpes Dating Website/App?

Positive Singles has made many innovations in many areas of dating for its users who want to meet people with herpes. Some major are as follows:

Live Dating Advisor for Singles

You can contact a qualified dating advisor using the contact form on Positive Singles, who can offer guidance or answer any queries you may have. This might include information on therapy, relationships, life guidance, or it appears, anything else under the sun. What a great concept, even though the function is only accessible to paid site members.

Things like this demonstrate how much an online community cares about the success of its users. They care deeply about your success in dating rather than just looking to make quick money. deserves kudos for this innovation.

Excellent Customer Service

Customers are served through various customer assistance channels, including live support, and STD counselor, and email support. PositiveSingles allows users to verify their images to ensure they are the individuals they claim to be.

Powerful Privacy Settings

PositiveSingles understands how important privacy is to its members. Unlike some general dating services’ privacy settings, PS has a “Quick Exit” button that immediately redirects visitors to another site to safeguard their privacy. Furthermore, users do not need to close the full window if someone walks by while using PS.

Members can also hide their profiles and photographs from specific members or create a private album that is only accessible to certain other members. Furthermore, our STD Q & A section is fully anonymous and discreet. All members are welcome to ask questions concerning STDs, and an STD counselor will respond to each inquiry.

Made Dating with Herpes Easy

Herpes users know that dating can be quite stressful and that stress is the main factor in outbreaks. Because of this, many herpes positive singles have chosen to live lives of service and have shunned romantic relationships.

You don’t have to lead a hermit crab lifestyle just because you have oral or genital herpes. People afflicted with the virus may communicate with one another on PositiveSingles without worrying about being criticized or made fun of. Whatever you choose, don’t stop trying to find love. Don’t let the illness ruin your opportunity of finding true love.

Herpes Dating App: Positive Singles

PositiveSingles is a brand-new dating app for people with herpes or STDs. It is an app that makes it easier for them to meet people with herpes and date them. With the help of the PositiveSingles Android app and

IOS App, STD positive singles can start dating, making friends, and sharing their journey with others.

This app provides a technological society for STD positive singles to improve their chances of finding and maintaining fulfilling relationships. Additionally, Positive Singles included an innovative function that lets you select a less noticeable app icon, making it less noticeable if someone were to view or use your smartphone.

PositiveSingles Free Trial to Support People with Herpes

Positive Singles wants to set the standard for helping you find love while managing whatever STD you may have, and the Positive Singles free trial is here to assist with that. Positive Singles’ mission is to demonstrate that your condition does not rule you.

The site’s users have a wide variety of STDs, from simple conditions like genital herpes to more serious conditions like HIV. Give the Positive Singles free trial a try if you’re ready to stop letting your illness define you and want to fall in love with someone who can relate to what you’ve been through and are going through.

In the free trial, you can create a dating profile and post images for it. Free to see possible matches and other singles; free to reply to messages from paying members.

Innovative and Useful features PositiveSingles offer

Very active PositiveSingles PS Blogging is a fantastic method to introduce yourself to others and a chance to meet singles who are also dealing with STDs. Real-life STD singles success stories are posted on Positive Singles blogs. These anecdotes might provide users the self-assurance they need to handle their STD in daily life.

Members of Positive Singles also share their experiences with STD treatment so that other members may get enlightening tips and knowledge. At the Date Conference in 2014, Positive Singles’ “Dating Advisor” function took up the Online Dating Golden Heart Consumer Choice Award. Members of Positive Singles may get our network of members’ immediate assistance and guidance in our real-time chat room.

Support Group of PositiveSingles to Date Safely

Your likelihood of getting rejected only because you have an STD might be decreased by dating someone with the same STD/Herpes. A user of a singles herpes dating site doesn’t have to worry about someone they know finding out about their condition.

Anyone who views their profile has an STD but wouldn’t disclose this to others. People who joined Positive Singles did so to securely date others who already had an STD.

Regarding dating, it should be fun, private, and judgment-free. The stigma associated with STDs is lessened by linking STD dating services. No one is judged on these dating platforms. Understanding that someone might get an STD completely by accident is important. Participants may feel less alone if they date others in similar circumstances to them.

Herpes Dating Forum

The PositiveSingles herpes dating forum will help herpes singles overcome their fear of going on dates only to have them rejected due to their condition. Every member of the PositiveSingles community has shared important details about their romantic situation.

It is now easier for other participants to locate individuals who are herpes positive and perhaps develop relationships with them. Members are highly likely to find someone who will understand their condition and be willing to develop a connection with them because there are so many herpes singles looking for anybody who is similar to them.

Members can connect with herpes patients who thoroughly comprehend their situation and are secure enough to date, often without worrying about being criticized for their condition. PositiveSingles can help you discover friends, dates, and perhaps long-term relationships and love.

How Friendly PositiveSingles’ website is?

Positive Singles had a nice user experience. We particularly like that they placed all their menu options on the left side of the screen for convenience in finding and using them. Before realizing that clicking the “My Account” button would return you to our home page, we were a bit unsure about how to proceed. We suppose we’re accustomed to a My Account button taking us to the account settings page rather than the homepage.

What about the sign-up process?

The sign-up process is really easy, which is usually a great benefit. You can complete the procedure within three minutes and reach your potential dating matches. There will be a few questions you had to answer, but there were only a couple of them, and the character count was just for a few phrases.

However, it was generally wonderful not to have to invest a lot of time before knowing if there were any excellent matches. This, however, leads to a few incomplete profiles on the site. You may go back and make changes to any profile detail once you sign up.