Popular Gambling Trends in Online Casinos in Australia


Mohit Kamboj

Trends continue the development of online casinos in Australia. The most popular types of games and features play a huge part in the rising popularity of casino games among Australians. Read more about some of the most significant trends here. 

Online casinos have grown continuously in Australia in recent years. More Australians today like to play online casino games. The rise in popularity has caused the industry to expand and develop tremendously. This means that there are not only more online casinos for Australians to choose from but also that new trends are emerging further pushing the development along. Today, you can choose between a myriad of games and features to get a highly personalized experience based on your preferences. Let’s take a look at some of the most defining new, popular trends in online casinos in Australia.

Lotteries and Scratch Cards

Most of the Australian population prefers games that are quick and easy to play. While pokies are on this list, lotteries and scratchies are also a part of it. As you only need to buy a ticket to participate in these gambling events, it’s one of the most accessible gambling trends in Australia.

Reportedly, three out of four Australians prefer spending money on gambling products. Among them, lotteries had a 64% participation rate. That just goes to show how popular these are among the Aussie gamblers.

A reason behind this popularity is the complete randomness of the games. Since it’s nearly impossible to rig a lottery, Australians trust this the most, leading to its huge popularity.  The gameplay is also really simple, and there are no rules for it. In online casinos, you can either click on a scratch card to reveal the numbers. Or you can scratch it off manually using the mouse cursor.

Live dealer games

At the other end of the scale, there’s the popularity of live dealer games. These games have taken the casino world by storm. It’s been possible to play live for quite a few years now, but this type of game has really taken off as technology has advanced. Live dealer games let you sit in the comfort of your own living room while playing games like you’re actually in a real, physical casino. You get to play with others and experience the atmosphere of having a real dealer present. The most popular games in this category are traditional games like poker and blackjack. Today, you can find live dealer games at all the big, popular online casinos.

Mobile gambling

It’s difficult to overestimate the impact that mobile gambling has had on the online casino industry. The possibility to play online casino games on your phone whenever and wherever you please has completely changed the game. Mobile casino games are also the preferred option for many players and everything is indicating that this development will only continue in the coming years. The technology behind mobile games today is so advanced that the games offer both immersive and realistic gaming experiences to Australian players.

Casino Web Apps

Another one of the more popular trends in recent years is choosing casino web apps over traditional websites as you can use them for desktops as well as smartphones. While the implementation is simple, the execution and presentation of it all are genius. By having a dedicated web application, hardware resources can be used more efficiently. In the case of mobile phones, this is now the go-to alternative instead of developing a full-fledged mobile app. It costs way less to make, and the users enjoy more or less the same results.

Crypto Gambling

Although crypto did get a bad rep, its popularity in online gambling is still strong. Every day, more and more platforms are starting to utilize crypto and many operators are switching to a strictly crypto-only business model.  Considering the safety that you get from this payment method, it’s understandable why it would be so popular as you get to make anonymous transactions, instant deposits and withdrawals. One of the byproducts of crypto gambling sites is probably fair games. These games will give you a detailed breakdown of the algorithm that’s used so you can be sure there’s no way you’re getting cheated. For Aussies, the most used cryptocurrency was Bitcoin at 72.80% back in 2022 so you can expect to see similar figures as we move to a new year.

The future of online casinos

It is trends like mobile gambling, live dealer games, crypto gambling, casino web apps and scratch cards that continue to make online casinos stay relevant and in constant development. They are attracting more players and making the online casino grow year after year. The future will definitely hold these trends as well as new trends that will shape the direction of online gambling in Australia.