Popcaan Ex Girlfriend: Ex-Girlfriend Kavell Keir on New Tune ‘Win’!


Saloni Singh

We’ve become used to seeing Popcaan in monster mode these most recent couple of years, Many might have disregarded his excellence, or used his statement, “boobie“, Trinidadian socialite Kavell Keir, who caused all in all a furor among his female fans during their relationship.

When the Dancehall hotshot declared they were dating back in 2015 with an IG photograph subtitled, “My boobie where you at? Lord and sovereign nah mean❤️”, Boisterous fans nearly cushioned the internet naming the Experience passionate feelings for DJ a ‘sellout’, with some in any event, threatening to unfollow.

The high profile couple unfollowed each other on Instagram in early 2020, persuading numerous to think the lady Popcaan once called “my BOOBIEKEIRSUTHERLAND,” was at this point not in the image.

On his new melody Win, in any case, Popcaan astutely adds her name to his upful bars, and fans are puzzling over whether they’ve revived the fire or are near it. The track and going with visuals were released on February 6.

“Lawmakers seh dem care/Me just know Kavell Keir,” Popcaan raps, censuring the specialists with smooth pleasantry that hits up close and personal. The people who got the line are estimating with respect to whether he already has or is attempting to ‘win’ her back.

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Popcaan Sings About Getting Everything He Needed!

“House pon di slope/34 inch edges/, in any event, supporting his mother, Ms. Rhona with millions, and fans feel reuniting with his beauty queen could likewise be high on that rundown. The 32-year-old alluded to them as the “Grammys couple” while they were together, and it was broadly reputed the two had likewise wanted to seal the deal.

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The two never affirmed or denied their split, and Popcaan was known to be famously warmed with all due respect, impacting a fan who said Keir was “getting lowkey monstrous“, with a “her excellence killing you gradually pick a coffin zombie” applaud back.

They’ve stayed genial since, and presently follow each other on ‘Gram once more. Kavell sent the 876GUD a birthday yell out in July last year, which he later shared to his accounts, while he as of late liked one of her snaps on the stage.

Poppy hasn’t been posted up with some other female lately, and the justification for Win’s fatigued line, “Cyan hold on until dis pandemic chime over”, very well could be her.

Popcaan’s Predicted that His Ex-Girlfriend Cheated on Him and Chats on His Relationship With Toni-Ann Singh!

A lady, who is purportedly an ex-girlfriend of Popcaan, streamed live on TikTok with claims that the genius is following her. Nonetheless, things took another turn when viewers began saying she was badmind of Popcaan’s ongoing supposed girlfriend, Toni-Ann Singh.

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Following the desire allegations, which began as a public declaration by the female who goes by Kyhighlah transformed into a tirade. Attacking the viewers, she attempted to close down all convictions about her being desirous while dissing Popcaan.

“I don’t know Toni-Ann, I never meet Toni-Ann, mi and Toni-Ann neva f_ck yet, so mi can not have nothing at all fi say session Toni-Ann,” she expressed. She went on by expressing that the viewers were discussing Toni-Ann being prettier than her because they were colourists.

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She proceeded to say that she has been a major part of Popcaan’s life for quite a long time, adding that she has spoken about him at least a couple of times. She likewise added that she accepted that Popcaan and Toni-Ann’s relationship was an exposure stunt.

Asserting that Popcaan had more ladies in the shadows, she said she could get down on the names of the others on the program with Toni-Ann. “An entire store a we inna di bloodclaat ball field. So weh di f_ck yah talk session Toni-Ann? Like a nuh bloodclaat session 20 a we,” she guaranteed.

“Him come like a few parasites inna mi life… Fi di new year mi nuh wah no wasteman. Mi nuh wah nuh rich wasteman, mi nuh wah nuh bruck squander man,” she proceeded. She along these lines asserted that Popcaan was miserable in his relationship and offered comments about him being awful at sex.

christian woods ex girlfriend

Popcaan Posts With Toni-Ann in the Middle of His Ex-Girlfriend Show

Popcaan is by all accounts deliberately ignoring the ex-girlfriend show. The dancehall artiste has still not answered the charges of previously dating OnlyFans model Kyhighlah.

As a matter of fact, the “876Gud” DJ is by all accounts too made up for lost time in his own affection bubble with Toni-Ann Singh, who is as yet not authoritatively affirmed as his girlfriend. Recently, Popcaan took to Instagram with different photographs, including pictures of Toni-Ann.

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They were clearly at an occasion together and shared a hug for every one of the photos. The primary picture of the pair showed the couple embracing with enormous grins as Toni-Ann measured Popcaan’s face with her hand.

Toni-Ann wore a short, free yellow dress with her hair in a smooth braid, and Popcaan’s clothing comprised of an earthy colored shirt and dark jeans. He finished his look with his jewel studded “876Gud” chain.

christian woods ex girlfriend

In the speech, he expressed, “Rout the battles cause we never quit any pretense of, being at the top is somewhat desolate, you know ah mean… you realize we have to make it using any and all means.

We experienced the more terrible times, I see us winning, it is like this feels familiar. God excuse me wash weh every one of my transgressions, squalid life is all we know. #GIHE.”

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