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Poldark Season 6: Will There Be A Sequel?

In 2019, Poldark released its fifth season and concluded the series. The fans were unsatisfied with how the story ended and asked the creators to release Poldark Season 6. Poldark is a British historical drama and stands out amazingly from the rest of the shows. The series focused on Captain Ross Vennor Poldark who returned after the great war of American Independence. Historical dramas are already popular so when fans find out that the creators won’t be moving forward with the show, they instantly demand another season. 

The show garnered a massive response from a worldwide audience. The show has everything that keeps the viewers engaged with the story. The demand isn’t surprising for a series like Plodark. It’s been nearly 3 years ever since the show left the screen, will the officials be eager to work on the show? 

In this article, we’ll be sharing everything about Poldark Season 6 and will guide you on whether the show is getting back in the future or not. Continue reading this article till the end to find out everything. 

Poldark: What do you need to Know?

poldark season 6 Without any doubt, Poldark is an amazing story that has been inspired by the novel series that shares the same name. Written by  Winston Graham, the story follows Aidan Turner who played the character of Captain Ross Vennor Poldark and has been returned from the American War of Independence back to his home in Cornwall. He has been already serving the army for three years and actively working for their betterment. When he returned from the long journey, he found out that his father had died and his real state’s business has been run and his family is now in debt. 

Moreover, he also got to know that his childhood love Elizabeth has already been engaged to his own cousin Francis. 

The show received heavy ratings and massive popularity over the years and that’s the reason why the show has been extended for 5 seasons. The audience and critics appreciated the drama for its uniqueness and elegance. 

Poldark Season 6: Will there be Another Season?

poldark season 6

Poldark historical drama released its first season in 2015 and ultimately gained sucess. The show has artistic elements which make it more beautiful to watch. The direction of the series has been done amazingly and anyone who has watched the show would appreciate it for sure. 

So, when the show premiered its first season, it became a hot topic for the viewers. While there has been tremendous love and appreciation for the historical drama. The show slowly getting more dominant by releasing successive seasons. 

Poldark gave a perfect ending but the fans seems were not happy with how things turned down. So, there has been a huge demand for the show to release its successive season. Over the years, the show has been renewed back and back and released in 5 seasons. 

However, there have been no updates regarding its future. The fans seemed to be pissed off with the series finale season. While there have been so many things going around the internet. Still, there has been no announcement regarding the sixth season of the show. 

There is no news regarding the renewal of the show. At the time of writing, Poldark has only 5 seasons with its fifth season being the last and final of the show. 

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Poldark Season 6 Release Date: When is it going to Premiere?

poldark season 6

Unfortunately, there are no updates on the release date for the show. No doubt, Poldark is a brilliant historic drama where the show brings out an amazing story. Inspired by the novel series, the show makers have rightly portrayed all the story spectacularly. 

The first season of the show was released in 2015 and ever since then, the show has marked the release of successive seasons until 2019. In the last season, we saw that the events take place during the time of 1801 and finally left the story wrapped up. It’s not like the show has left the plot on an open note. Many fans are still satisfied that the series has ended beautifully. 

When the final season of the show was released BBC announced that they won’t be moving further with the series and rather bidding goodbye to it. Turner, the star cast of the show has also said, ”When we started Poldark, we aimed to complete the majority of the books that we could, which would likely take us up to series five,” 

Furthermore, she added, “So during filming for this series there was a sense of completion and relief that we made it this far, that the show has been successful and that people enjoy watching it. Hitting that mark and returning for the fifth series was always the goal and we are proud to have achieved that.”

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Is there any chance of the show coming back?

If you are one of those people who is thinking that the show will renew back then you are wrong. The show has already released its final seasons and there are no chances for the show makers to extend the show. It will be like extending the story without any proper context. So far, the writing has been amazing and the cast has spectacularly managed everything. Everything needs to come to an end and that’s what happens with the show also. 

The writer of the series was already said while writing down the final season. Debbie Horsfield said. Writing the end of this final season was sad, but the ending itself is uplifting.”

Moreover, Eleanor Tomlinson, the star cast of the show also revealed, “We are trying to serve the story to the best of our ability and the story-line of Ross and Demelza would have a time jump we’d battle with, and it is right to end the series now while it is so strong and while these characters are loved and not diminished in any way,”

“I feel very sad about its ending. I’m going to miss the cast and crew and I’m going to miss Aidan [Turner, who plays Ross Poldark],” she added. “We have a brilliant bond and a brilliant relationship and it is going to be very strange not going to work.”

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Bottom Line

The show has officially wrapped up and it’s a tragedy for fans but there won’t be any more seasons of Poldark. It’s been an amazing journey with the show however there won’t be much to watch in it. You can still stream the show on the online platform. You can watch the show exclusively on the internet but don’t expect anything from it.

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