Poldark Season 6: Historical Drama Poldark is Cancelled!


David Mudd

Are you missing the historical drama in which couples relationship is shown with their heart broken, birth, marriages and other conflicts which happened in real life of a family or a person and how they managed to run their life.

What is the status of Poldark season 6 is it renewed or cancelled after concluding the fifth season in 2019? Unfortunately the new season of poldark will not return as it was cancelled after the fifth and the last season.

If you have watched this series then you know it was a brilliant show which ran for 5 seasons. But why is the series cancelled and not renewed for the new season 6? Before moving further let’s start with introduction to know what is in the show and all about it to let other also to know everything who are reading and will watch this series for the first time.

Poldark Show: About

poldark season 6

The series Poldark started in 2015 for the first time and features Aidan Turner. The story focused on the same name of Winston Graham’s Novel and this historical drama is loved by many people.

The main character in the story returns to Cornwall and the story takes place between the period of 1781 and 1801 and he came back home in 1783 after the American Revolutionary War. There he finds his father left him as Joshua has passed till that time and left him in the debt.

Besides this another sad thing happened to him that his childhood lover Elizabeth is already engaged Francis, his cousin. It also tells the story of both the couples and their life.

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Poldark Season 6: Cancelled!

poldark season 6

Season 5 was the last and the final season of Poldark and filming of the last season started in september 2018 and the season started to premiere in July 2019, and concluded on August 26, 2019. The season wraps the ending of 1801 time period and the event which are nine years before the eighth novel, the stranger from the sea.

It simply means there is no further seasons of the Poldark season as series ended with the season 5 finale episode and it is bad news for the fans of Poldark.

It was said by the BBC and they announced Poldark is set to release for the five seasons which is based on the novel and Turner said that, “When we started Poldark, we aimed to complete the majority of the books that we could, which would likely take us up to series five” and adding further “So during filming for this series there was a sense of completion and relief that we made it this far, that the show has been successful and that people enjoy watching it. Hitting that mark and returning for the fifth series was always the goal and we are proud to have achieved that.”

The story will end one day and it also covered what they wanted to cover in the story. Debbie Horsfield writer of the series said” Writing the end of this final season was sad, but the ending itself is uplifting”.

And then Eleanor Tomlinson said “We are trying to serve the story to the best of our ability and the story-line of Ross and Demelza would have a time jump we’d really battle with, and it is right to end the series now while it is so strong and while these characters are loved and not diminished in any way” told in an interview with Digital Spy. and further added to her lines, “ I feel very sad about it ending. I’m really going to miss the cast and crew and I’m really going to miss Aidan, we have a brilliant bond and a brilliant relationship and it is going to be very strange not going to work”.

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So finally there is no Poldark season 6 and here is the trailer of the last and the final season 5 of Poldark which is given below.

On IMDB, this historical drama received 8.3 ratings out of 10 while it got 4.6 out of 5 on iTunes-Apple. For further series stay connected with to read more and latest articles.

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