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Polaroid: Polaroid Coming Back To Its Root, Polaroid Now- Features, Specs, And Price

Read ahead to know more about the Polaroid Now’s features, price, specs, and everything related to the camera.

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Design And Features Polaroid

The Polaroid Now is the evolution of the earlier Polaroid models. Furthermore, it has a polycarbonate plastic body and has very few buttons. Moreover, the micro-USB port has been relocated for easier charging.

The digital shot counter shows the number of prints left. The Polaroid Now looks boxy, angular. Furthermore, it is a bit difficult to handle the camera using only one hand. Also, it comes with a neck strap.

However, the neck strap is too big. As a result, some might prefer carrying the camera without one. Furthermore, a sleek final button at the side opens the front-loading tray. The camera does not have any tripod thread at its bottom.


The lens comes without any lens cap protection. It remains fixed in one position. Moreover, the flash and power buttons are located at the rear of the camera.

Price Polaroid

The color and black and white film packs cost around 19 dollars each. Furthermore, you can purchase multiple packs at a discount. Also, the Polaroid Now is more expensive than its competitor, Fuji’s Instax Square.

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It Now has an Automatic Flash. Furthermore, it comes with a handy selfie timer mode. It has an approximate 35-40mm focal length. Turning on the camera will activate the flash automatically.

Furthermore, an LED makes it clear when the flash is enabled. Now camera does not have any shooting modes. Also, there are no focus modes on the camera. Also, a part of an image appearing in the frame might get cut as the photo is printed.

Images can have an inconsistent exposure at times.

Major Competition


It is Now’s main competition is the Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6. It is more portable than the Polaroid Now camera. Also, it costs less than the Polaroid Now camera. The Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 camera wins over Polaroid Now camera when it comes to price and ease of carrying the camera, i.e is portability.

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