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Pokemon Go: Abra Community Day Suspended Due To Rising Coronavirus Concerns


David Mudd

Not only the real world, coronavirus is affecting the gaming world too. So many changes and announcements take place because of it.

Games like PUBG, CALL OF DUTY, OVER WATCH LEAGUE, all rescheduled their events and tournament to prevent the COVID-19 coronavirus. Now Pokemon Go is suspending its Abra Community Day for rising coronavirus concerns.

Pokemon Go

As we know, Pokemon Go is a part of the Pokemon game series. It is a free-to-play video game. Players have their avatar in the game. As players move in the real world, their avatar moves in the virtual world.

They try to find out and catch Pokemon by throwing poke balls. Different Pokemon lives in a different spot like players can find water Pokemon near water. After catching Pokemon avatars go back to Professor Willow to gather more candies. The ultimate goal of the game is to enter information in Pokedex, a Pokemon logbook.

Pokemon Go: Abra Community

Pokemon Go has a Community Day for its players. They hold this event to bring players together and help them in socializing. Though it is not necessary to team up. Players can play alone most of the event but it becomes more enjoyable when they play together.

This year The Community Day was focused on Pokemon Abra to celebrate new features. The Abra Community was scheduled to take place on 15th March 2020.

Pokemon Go: Abra Community Day Suspension Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

To prevent more spreading of COVID-19 like most other games, Pokemon Go also suspending their Abra Community Day.

Niantic made an official announcement on this saying that they are trying to enhance “Individual Setting”. Pokemon Go is not the only Pokemon game affected by the coronavirus. Some regional Pokemon championships in the main franchise also have been canceled.

As Pokemon Go is a real-world game, it will be a risk to engage with it. Players can infect others as well as get infected during the game. Like other gaming authorities, Niantic Inc. also prioritizes the safety of its global players above all. The company is making major changes as such as

  • A onetime purchase bundle of 30 incense for 1 PokeCoin.
  • 2x effective incubators to hatch eggs faster.
  • Pokestops with more frequent gifts.
  • Increasing Pokemon habitats

Now, all we can do is to wait for their new announcement regarding this situation.