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Pokemon Go: A Gen-5 Legendary Pokemon To Debut In The Battle League


David Mudd

There is something new to entice gamers. Pokemon Go is going to add another Pokemon in the battle league. This will be a gen-5 legendary Pokemon. So, buckle up yourselves and get your rosters ready. The fight is going to be all the more amazing now.

With 2020 seeing so many delays and cancellations, this news is a fresh air. It will be something positive about the scenario now. The addition of a new is all set to make the gamers more excited about the game. They have been waiting for this moment since long. Now, with the March-end announcement, this was all they ever needed.

Announcement Of A New Pokemon

This announcement was made by Niantic. It announced the next legendary Raid Boss: Landorus. It was earlier called the abundance Pokemon. Also, it was originally doing in the gen 5 and is the master of the forces of the nature trio. You can expect this to be great news since it can replace the storms with crops in a region.

Since it comes in two forms: ground and flying, it will have extremely destructive powers. However, you will only see the incarnate form in this go right now. The other joining Landorus in being the master of the forces of the nature trio are Tornadoes and Thunderous.

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When Will You Get The Changes

You will get your Pokemon in action from the end of March. This will commence from March 31 at 1 PM PST. So, it will give rise to a rare battle league reward. To get this, you must at least acquire rank four. You can then just use the app and play. You don’t need to walk to earn your battle sets.

The sad news is that this is available for only three weeks. So, make the most of this time and capture it with your skills. On the onset of April 21, 1 PM PST, another legendary will replace this amazing Pokemon.

More About It Pokemon

Get ready to encounter one of the best Pokemon you’ve ever seen. Move to rank four and walk to get the Pokemon. You can also win more battle league rewards with this one. So, be excited to add this to your roster. It will be a gen 5 Pokemon. Now, you don’t even have to walk. To earn your battle sets, you only require to play using the app.