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Pluralsight: Learn Excel, Python, Photoshop For Free!


David Mudd

Learning something new is always a good thing. Most of us always want to learn something to add to our skills. Pluralsight Photoshop, programming, any tech-related skill can be a valuable asset.

Now that we are stuck at home, most of us have nothing to do. We can use this time to learn something new. Something valuable. They might come in handy in the future. Who knows?

Learning how to use Photoshop can help with your Instagram posts. Learning Excel might help with managing your expenses. To all of the young programming enthusiasts, learning Python is valuable.


The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world adversely. Thanks to the lockdown, you can invest your time in learning such skills. Thanks to websites like Pluralsight, you can do it for free!

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Pluralsight, Inc. is an American online education company founded in 2004. They offer a lot of video courses. When you’re bored with Netflix, you can check their website, it’s free.

More than 7000 courses are free right now. You can learn Photoshop if you have a habit of uploading a lot of pictures online. Mastering Photoshop can be a powerful tool up your sleeve.

If that does not interest you, you can learn to use Premiere Pro CC. This is a powerful video editing tool. If you’re a film enthusiast, this would certainly make your life very easy. Oh, and it’s free, so why not?


To all the programming enthusiasts reading this post, a lot of programming languages can be learned here. HTML5(I know, I know. It isn’t a programming language, yes), CSS, Python, Javascript and, many other languages can be learned for free!

Thanks to the efforts of companies like Pluralsight, this lockdown can be made a lot more productive than it is. All you have to do is sign-up. What are you waiting for?

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