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Playstation 5: Things To Love About The All-New DualSense Controller


David Mudd

It’s been months, people are making their conclusions on Sony’s upcoming gaming console Playstation 5 and its controller. After a long wait, Sony revealed the DualSense controller. It looks much more futuristic from earlier controllers. Even though like every other thing in the world, the new controller also loved and hated by many.

However, it may make the haters become fans. For that, you have to wait for it to get the hands. The old model of the controllers is familiar and comforting to many. But by the look of the Dual Sense controller, it doesn’t look much comfortable. Whatever it is, all the questions will be answered when they become available for everyone.

Playstation 5

5 Things To Like The DualSense Controller

Color Palette (Playstation 5)

The new controller seeks more simplicity than in older ones. It will not have multicolor control switches. The whole thing will only have Black grey and white colors in it. The red, blue, pink colors of different switches are iconic in the PlayStation controllers.

Charging Port

The question of whether the new controller support wireless charging is still needed to be answered. But from the pictures, it shows a c type charging port on the controller. It is not much surprise because all the controllers released to date have the charging port according to the trend in their release time.


DualShock 4 had large light bar illumination in it. But in the new one, Sony replaced it with simple lighting to show the controller is on or not.

Headphone Jack & Microphone Mute

The controller will have an individual headphone port. That will be helpful when you need more attention in the game while playing with a group. You can have your world in the game. Along with that, it will have an in-built microphone mute switch.


Playstation 5

Playstation 5 Logo

More than a logo, it will be the switch itself to power up the controller. In a design fact, this is new from Sony.

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