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PlayStation 5: The Things You Missed From The PS5 Launch Event


David Mudd

Sony has finally given details about the new Playstation 5. Read ahead to know more.

PS4 Games Are Compatible On PS5

Playstation 5 has a Native Mode feature. The feature allows you to play Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro games on Playstation 5. Furthermore, game developer Cery, said that players should not sell their PS4 video games CDs. Not only players will save money, but also they can continue their game progress from where they left it on Playstation 4.

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PlayStation 5’s Expandable Storage

The console has an 825 GB SSD. Playstation 5 will support M2 SSD cards. As a result, large size games can be stored and downloaded easily. Playstation 5 loads game at 5.5 GB per second. This is due to its super-fast SSD card.

Users can use an external hard drive to load games. This is because PS5 allows users to buy storage from third-parties.

Revolutionalised Audio 

Finally, Playstation 5 has advance sound sources. These sources will provide immersive and 3D audio in the game. Users can increase or decrease the immersion and realism of the audio as per their convenience.

Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro lacked 3D audio sources. But now the players can finally enjoy that in Playstation 5. The new console has a custom Tempest Engine. This engine will support more than 100 authentic sound sources in the game.

PlayStation 5

Long Patch Instals Fixed 

Downloading data in Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro took a lot of time. But in Playstation 5, the downloading speed has increased. As a result, less time is taken to download game data.

The new M2 SSD card prevents the console from overheating. Furthermore, it enables the fast downloading speed of the game data. Since the card is installed inside the console, players won’t have to buy it additionally.

Data of games up to 100 GB will not take more than three minutes to download. 5 gigabytes will be loaded in a second. 50 MB-100 MB will be loaded in not more than twenty seconds. Cerny from Sony developers said that speed is the core component that defines the PS 5 console.