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Playstation 5: Rumoured Low Production Rate And Higher Prices Due To Expensive Parts

Read ahead to know more about Sony's struggle in producing Playstation 5 due to the availability of scarce components. As a result, the production cost has increased. Read ahead to know more.

Sony Playstation 5 

Sony briefed about the specs and features of Playstation 5 in a special online presentation. However, the presentation was planned for the Game Developers Conference. But was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Sony Playstation 5 comes with an increased storage capacity. Furthermore, the console has a slot to expand storage externally. The part 5 Graphics Processing Unit is much more powerful than the 4.

Moreover, the GPU is increased 10 times from what the previous. Playstation 5 will support 8K graphics. Also, the new console will support Playstation 4 games. For more information, people can visit the Sony Playstation Store to know more about game compatibility.

Playstation 5

It will be compatible with Playstation Virtual Reality. Furthermore, there are many more features and specs that the console will offer. It will compete with Microsoft's Xbox X Series.

Release Date

Sony has officially announced that Playstation 5 will release sometime towards the end of this year. Furthermore, it will release in the month of November-December 2020. Also, the current coronavirus outbreak will not affect the release date of the Sony Playstation 5.

The company wants to launch Playstation 5 around the time Microsoft launches the Xbox X series. This way, Sony will ensure fierce sales competition with its rival Microsoft.

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Sony Struggles With Production

Due to the scarcity of components, the manufacturing costs for this is around $450 per unit. As a result, Sony is having a difficult time setting a price for PS5. Also, it wants to consider the price that Microsoft labels on its new Xbox One X Series.

The minimum retail price of the it is $470 looking at the manufacturing cost. Considering the price of Playstation 4 Pro, it will be difficult to sell the console at this price.

Playstation 5
Play Station 5

The company is not releasing anything further. Moreover, it says the rest of the pricing details will be shared once the company has officially decided its future course of action.

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