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PlayStation 5: How The 100x Speed Will Look With The Current Games


David Mudd

As we know, PlayStation is a heavenly platform for gamers. Sony Interactive Entertainment is taking care of it for the past 25 years. They always valued their customer and gave us one of the best gaming platforms. PlayStation is always been on the list of favourite to gamers. Now a new name is going to add on this list with its amazing features. PlayStation 5 is the new gem in the crown.

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 aka PS5 is Sony’s Next-generation home video game console with more advanced design than PS4. PS5 has an awesome memory with 16GB GDDR6 SDRAM and 825 SSD storage. Its CPU has eight-core MD Zen-2 with frequency variation up to 3.5 GHz. PS5 also has an amazing display with 720p, 1080p, 4K UHD, and 8K UHD support and more. This new console will have specialization Like ray tracing, backward compatibility, etc.

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5: Featured 100x Loading Speed

Recently, Sony’s chief Architect Mark Cerny revealed a detailed presentation. It shows that PlayStation 5’s built-in SSD will load games 100 times faster than PS4. This expensive SSD is more efficient and fast than others. Gamers are waiting for their utilization in PlayStation 5. With this loading speed, players won’t even see the loading screen. Though it is impossible to have a no loading screen they can make the time short.

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Play Station 5
Play Station 5

Effect Of 100x Loading Speed On Current Games

Well, this feature has some real effects which are beyond convenience. Before developers needed to distract players because of the long loading screen. But after this, there will no need for distraction. Instead, loading time is going to become more instant and will feel more open. As PS5 will have multiple GB of preloaded data, it will have a huge impact on world design.

The company failed to reveal the proper design. But they surely made their fan excited. However, there is some more information is waiting to come out. Fans need to sit tight until then.

PlayStation 5