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Playstation 5: Every Rumoured And Confirmed Exclusive For The Console So Far


David Mudd

Playstation 5 is here and it is sure to woo you. There are going to be many games on it. And they are sure to take you to a higher high than you’ve ever experienced. Ever since the news of new games has released, all gamers stand excited.

And why shouldn’t they be? This console is everything that a gamer had wanted. And it is going to have some killer games on it. So stay hooked to find out more about the games that are going to be there on your console.

Stay equipped with the latest information in gaming. There will be the likes of GTA, Call of Duty, Elder Scrolls. These games are confirmed. Also, there is speculation for games like God of War 2, Horizon Zero Dawn 2, and Ghost of Tsushima.

So there is still doubt about that. But other than that, everything is good.



This title has conquered a lot of hype. Many people are excited to see how it foes. And this is going to be a launch exclusive to Playstation 5. Now you’re going to get this game as soon as the holidays this year. So stand excited for that.

The game is essentially based on loot and player skills. There is going to be amazing visual graphics that will amaze you as you play. It is a fantasy ARPG. Also, it is based on the third-person perspective, something that many gamers like.

It can also be considered a loot-slasher. And this is one of the hottest genres in taking right now. It is created by Gearbox along with Counterplay Games. So there is some amazing work expectation riding right there.

Warframe (Playstation 5)

This is your pass into science fiction games. Now this game is also available on the Nintendo Switch, but the perspective on PS5 is going to be over the top. The game will take you through some amazing digital extremes.

Essentially it is a third-person shooter. It comes with a lot of variation in a player vs player and player vs enemy content. Also, the experience is free to play. Isn’t that amazing.

There are a lot of amazing updates up for this on. So stay on for more information about how this will turn out on your next-generation console.


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Gothic (Playstation 5)

This game is up for a full remake under its addition to the PS5. So it is going to be way better than its 2001 counterpart. Also, you’ll lay hands on one of the best action-based RPG. It is a classic game, renewed for the modern-day player.

The game is based on the concept of the hunt and slay. You have to kill monsters to obtain resources. Also, you’ll have to fight others like orcs, mages amongst others. So it is going to elevate the game you knew to a whole another level.