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PlayStation 4: Sony’s Popular Gaming Console Pass 110 million Sales


David Mudd

PlayStation 4 is the currently available latest gaming console from Sony. A new PlayStation 5 is already on the way to the market. Meanwhile, the sales of PS 4 passed another milestone. Three months period which ended on March 31 shows that 1.5 million were sold. After all, that made the global sales to 110.4 million.

However, the rate is decreased when compared to the previous year. In the previous year, it was 2.6 million in the same period. After all, the sales from 2019 April to March 2020 also decreased by 4.2 million. Whatever it is, the console took the all-time best seller position from Sony’s own PlayStation 2.

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Expectations On PS 5

Sony is planning to release the new gaming console PS 5 on this year’s holiday period. There was a report that said the PS 5 will release in October of this year. But Sony confirmed that it was a mistake that came on the recruitment site. But it is almost sure that PS5 will hit the market around the holiday season.

The entry of PlayStation 5 is also expected to be a booster in hardware sales. Sony needs a much-needed lift in the whole business with PS 5. Although, the market is pretty much competitive. Microsoft also releasing their Xbox Series X. It is surely a rival for PS5 especially the games are now becoming cross-playable in all platforms.

In the past few years, the gaming industry becomes partially downsized. Mostly it happened in the hardware field because of smartphones and other simple, mobile, and powerful devices. So, it is considered as one of the main reasons behind the fall in sales and business of games.

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