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Pirates Of The Caribbean : Various Co-Stars Are Speaking Up To Defend Johnny Depp Against Ex’s Allegations


David Mudd

Johnny Depp has been in a lot of trouble lately. With all the cases from Amber Heard, his life hasn’t become better. There are many speculations on the case. It has acquired a lot of public attention. Largely, because it involves the names of two great stars. However, some people have also questioned the base of the case.

Johnny Depp has time and again defended himself. He has said that the accusations are baseless. However, nothing said can be believed until it is on paper. Recently, many co-stars have come in favor of the Pirates of the Caribbean Star.

He has been applauded and appreciated. So, it raises the question of how much of the petition is the truth?

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp

Support From Co-Stars 

His co-stars have defended him. Javier Bardem has appreciated Johnny. He has said that he appreciates the kind of person he is. He admires his sense of humor and the respect that he shows to his crew. So, he is strongly in the support of Johnny. He doesn’t think that what is said against him is true at all.

In all the movies that he has worked with him, it is clear that he is the nicest of all. He has got a great aura around him, and he treats everyone with care. So, when someone questions this against him, he contradicts it strongly. But this is based on only how much he knows him.

Otherwise, the case is going on in the court and anything can only be said after it is declared officially. Before that, no comment is at all useful.

Johnny Depp

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Delay In The Case Johnny Depp

The case has been delayed due to the pandemic. Due to coronavirus, all courts have been shut off. This is done as a safety measure against the pandemic spread. So, there is no new update about the case.

We can only say something after the result is announced. So, deciding on whether Amber’s petition is ethical isn’t correct right now. However, many people have supported Depp at this time. They have come out of their way to support him.

More About It Johnny Depp

This case has affected Depp’s career a lot. In the reboot of Pirates of the Caribbean, he will not be seen. The franchise will release without its main lead. This is done to avoid any legal issues. However, he has his role retained in the other franchises that he is a part of.

Johnny Depp

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