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Pinterest: CEO And Scientists Create A Self Reporting COVID-19 App


David Mudd

Researchers involved in efforts to make a self-reporting system. To predict and prepare a chart on the progress of COVID-19 across the world. After all, now there is such an effort noted as credible and well organized. It is an application created in part by co-founder and CEO of Pinterest Ben Silberman.

Silberman and his team used the help of Dr, Feng Zhang. He is a CRISPR gene-editing pioneer at MIT. Along with that, he is also a Harward Broad Institute Member. They together build the “How We Feel” application. besides. Silberman used inputs from a long list of sources including Zhang.


More About “How We Feel” Application Pinterest

Silberman used inputs for the application from a list of well-regarded professors from Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Weill Cornell, etc. How We Feel application is available in both Android and iOS. A free-to-download application designed for easy self-reporting of whether they feel well or not. Beyond that, it asks about CVID-19.

The questions on COVID-19 includes if you tested for the infection, whether you are in self-isolation, etc. The whole interaction with the app takes only a minute or less. Moreover, the User Interface is also purposely designed for easy understanding. After all, the app never asks you for any kind of registrations with name, phone number, email, etc.

Whenever the user opens the application. There will be an up-front request for users to agree to share their information. The data collected through this shared with professionals. Professionals include researchers, public health departments and doctors. Those who signed in as collaborators in the project also can access these data.


Like said earlier, How We Feel is only one of the efforts in this field. However, there are many other apps out there for the same purpose. But, this recommended as the most advanced one among them right now.

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