Pinpoint Your Position! Study Explores Internet Addiction Spectrum!



In this digitalized era, the internet has revolutionized our lives by providing a plethora of opportunities for communication, entertainment, and information. But, the masses have addicted to this vast digital landscape. This has been researched by scientists for many years.

A recent study reveals the “Internet Addiction Spectrum” by the scientist in which they explain all the intricacies associated with Internet addiction so far. In this exploration, I have delved into explaining the whole study. Let’s dive into it without wasting our time.

Deep Dive Into the Internet Addiction Spectrum Study

The study was conducted by a team of researchers from “The University of Surrey” surveyed 796 participants to understand their internet usage habits and the potential signs of addiction. They check young people who are mostly around 24 or younger 24) spend six hours a day only using their smartphones as well and the older people who are 24 or more use only 4.6 hours daily on their phones.

Internet Addiction Spectrum

This study has characterized internet users into five groups in this Internet Addiction Spectrum. These five distinctive levels and each level indicates a different degree of dependence on the internet. Let’s check how.

Initial Users

These users have an average age of 26 years and they do not consider themself much addicted to phones but they have a moderate interest in using applications. They spend much more time than they initially planned to spend. They are highly ranked at 26.6%.

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Those users are fully conscious of their addiction to the internet and later on they become more conscious about the negative impact of utilizing so much internet, especially on their lives. They have so much confidence in using any social media or internet applications and any new technology.

Their percentage is significantly second after Initial users which is 22.36%. On the other hand, their time is significantly greater than casual users. Do not miss reading Reasons Why Students Spend a Lot of Time on the Internet


Basically, these users feel stressed and anxious whenever they do not use any social media applications or the internet but when they go online and use them, they ultimately feel comfortable with their surroundings and connected. Their average age is between 22.8 and 24.3 years. They are so excited in excitement to use new technology.


Apparently, these users love to make new relationships online and neglect real-world opportunities. They are confident about using mobile technology. Meanwhile, they are ranked at just 17.96%. Before proceeding further, read about, Ways to Make Money Online just by using a phone or laptop in New Zealand!

Internet Addiction Spectrum

Casual Users

They are generally ordered in view of the fact that they do not show any signs of addiction. They have an average age of 33.4%. The proportion of those users stood at the lowest percentage of just 14.86%.

The lead author of the study is Dr. Brigitte Stangl at the University of Surrey explains

“Our main aim was to clarify the difference between using the internet in a problematic way and being addicted to it. We found that the younger you are, the more likely you are to be addicted to the internet, and this tendency decreases with age.”


Laconically, It is highly recommended that you should have to find the balance between your online world and your offline world with mindful awareness and with the right strategies.

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