Pieces of a Woman Review: Vanessa Kirby’s Amazing Performance in the Film!



Netflix has already released some of its exclusive series on its platform and there were many upcoming series coming on the way. One of their exclusive films is Pieces of a Woman which gained huge recognition after being announced. 

Directed by Kornél Mundruczó, the film stars Vanessa Kirby, Shia LaBeouf, Molly Parker, Sarah Snook, Iliza Shlesinger, Benny Safdie, Jimmie Fails, and Ellen Burstyn as the main lead. The story centers around Martha (Kirby)who has been through multiple traumatic losses which include her child loss, and anxious childbirth. She is already going through a courtroom case against her midwife Eva (Parker), who is accused of killing her baby from her mother.
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The story of the movie is super dramatic and involves a lot of things. We will come to find a certain reality of the society where the wealthy get the superiority. As the story continues, the show meets with certain unexpected things which we will discuss later. In this article, we’ll be sharing everything about this upcoming movie in detail. 

Pieces of a Woman Review

Pieces of a Woman  The movie has a brilliant story and features a tremendous character that gains dynamic performance throughout the end of the story. One of the major highlights of the film is the suspicious storyline which contained major twists and turns that in the film. The film follows a simple and interesting story. 

From the start, the film centers around a heavy plot that maintained its dignity. It features a high-class society where things are dramatic and complicated. We see how Sean’s behavior towards the loss of a child was super suspicious. He has already revealed a lot of things about the child and the marriage before.

The movie focuses on such an eye-opening and depressing matter that most people neglect. It’s a shame how things like this are still apnea and no one wants to talk about it. Pieces of a Woman is such an uplifting and eye-opening thing that majorly makes people think about pregnancy and childbirth in a good way. 

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After the film was released, many women could relate to it. The horizon of the film is undoubtedly not much and huge but it still consisted of some overwhelming responses from mothers and ladies who have faced several issues. Through this movie, Netflix has come up with new social things which are worth watching.

If you are thinking that the movie will have some dramatic scenes and some serious killing then Np. This film has a simple approach and finds himself telling the world about a simple issue. The major limelight begins in the courtroom where Martha speaks against her mother who is deliberately trying to make the case against the midwife. 

Everything happens and no one takes care of the mother. The family is busy pointing out the mistakes and giving validations. As Martha spoke up, we found out how her thoughts have left the world far beyond. They are something to think about, superior that her family couldn’t think of. When she spoke up, the words touched the heart and made everyone believe in her goodness. We finally were able to see that Martha has a daughter. Now, the ending of the film was something to talk about. Many people think that there are still things left to tell. What do you believe?

Pieces of a Woman Ending Explained

Pieces of a Woman

At the end of the movie, we saw that Martha was already trying hard to overcome her loss. As she has taken the apple seeds because they remind her of her daughter. On March 22, Martha was in the court trial when Suzzanne called her in the court and asked her about the night when she gave birth to the daughter. The scene was quite tense and Martha’s behavior was subsequently changing. 

While the defense blamed Season and said that Eva (midwife) has already told Sean that the situation is critical and she should immediately be rushed to the hospital. However, Season denied the allegations. 

Previously, we have already seen how Suzane has manipulated the family and asked them to fill the case against Eva. This is because by doing so, the family can get huge compensation from Eva.

The defense attorney said that the baby was fine and healthy but later died. This statement breaks Martha and she starts to cry. 

After Eva’s statement, Martha was left unconscious and panicked. She said that it was all false and the baby was doing fine after the birth. She even said that Sean took a photo of her and her daughter right after the birth and she went to bring them. 

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However, when the next trial comes in, Martha has already lost it. She has thought about this whole incident and realized that everything is happening because of no reason. She said in the court that the one who has died is already dead. There is nothing one can do to bring her up again. She even said that she loved Eva and did everything she could do at that moment and even said that it was not Eva’s fault that the baby died. While looking at her mother, who has urged Martha to fill the case against Eva, she said that no courtroom and even the compensation can bring her daughter back to her. 

Pieces of a Woman

She further said that she is going through a miserable condition and she could feel what is going on with Eva. By doing so, she doesn’t want to put her pain on any other person because that would be more miserable for her. 

She further said that her daughter was on this earth to teach Martha something and not want to put the pain on someone else. 

Later the apple seed that Martha finds, she started to make a sprout of it. She thinks that her daughter smells like fresh apples. Then Martha went and threw the ashes of her daughter in the river. We later find, in the end, that the apple seed is fully grown up and there was a little daughter climbing on it. Her mother called her for dinner and that was Martha. The story was completed happily!

Where is the Official Trailer for the Film?

Since the film is already released, Netflix has also released the official trailer for the movie. By any chance, if you have made the trailer or you are someone who has not seen the movie yet then here is the official trailer of pieces of a woman for you. Watch the exclusive trailer of Netflix’s exclusive film. 

Bottom Line

Pieces of a woman is a brilliant film that delivers the main plot. Released on September 4, 2020, at the 77th Venice International Film Festival, where Kirby, the lead actress, received the Volpi Cup for Best Actress. Along with this, the movie received huge appreciation and get great ratings from the fans. Kirby’s performance leads her to  Academy Award, BAFTA, SAG, Critics’ Choice, and Golden Globe nominations. The movie is officially available on Netflix and if you haven’t watched the film you can stream it now. 

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